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Section 1: Use methods to arrange industry experience that will support the development of a management report in an appropriate service industry context There are a large number of placement host organizations in the market. For the right job, the most basic need is to select the right one of them. Therefore, while going on through the advertisements on web, newspapers, or other media; one should keep in mind to select the placement host organizations that suit best for the individual. The organization shall be good enough to provide a good job with proper reliability. For the report purpose, I had met with number of organizations to discuss for the job availability. I referred various news papers and online advertisements to know about the vacancy. I approached UK Jobs Network, Connection Employment Agency, and Actis Recruitment. All these organizations had their own policies for registration of aspirant. At Jobs Network, I had a discussion online with Mr. David. He was a good person to talk. He made me aware of the policies their organization follows. The person also seems to have strong relations in corporate to give one an opportunity for the job. During my discussion, he gave me various options to join. However, most of them were outside Manchester. Thus, the approach of the organization was noted to be mostly outside the city. Thereafter, I met Mr. James from Connection Employment Agency. There I came to know the rules and regulations that the industry basically follows. They give an opportunity to sit for interviews for a limited number of times, during these sessions, if candidate is not selected, he has to repay the sum (although at some discount) to extend the number of options for placement. Thereafter, I met Katie from Actis Recruitment. She was too energetic to work in the industry. Her act of communication deserves appreciation. Thus, she was amongst the energetic individuals I had met in the industry. She offered me a good number of job offers in Manchester. She also guided me for the approach to prepare for these interviews. She was noted to be helpful to an aspirant who looks for job. Therefore, her help can act as a catalyst to motivate an individual to perform even better.


Industrial experience is always helpful in the learning process for an individual (Darrah, 1996). Therefore, it becomes crucial to go through the practical experience for the job. My selection of an IT company as a sales executive was the choice. I expected to have a good offer from the company. My practical experience in working within an organization can help me know about the problems that are usually found in real life situation. Therefore, preparation of a management report can be easier if one is aware of the practical situation. One can better know about the exact HR policies, for an example, or knows about the operations task managed by an organization (Anderson et al., 2001; Drucker, 2007). One can also know whether there is an opportunity for growth in the particular segment or not. Based on this analysis, one can better make a decision for what all strategies are successful in an organization, and what shall be the approach. These all discussions can act as a strong backbone for the preparation of management report.

Section 2: Prepare and agree aims, objectives and targets of the management report with the appropriate manager within the selected organisation (append a copy of your job description where possible)

Answer 2.1:

The below were the aims, objectives and targets for the management report:-


The aim of management report is to analyse the extent to which an individual working in the HR department can gain benefit from the process of personality & Psychometric test. This would be of great help for the placement organization too for selection of right pool of candidates and guiding them to work in the right direction.


In order to attain the aim of the study, following were the objectives designed: Understand how the personality and psychometric tests can help the management make clear conceptions with the recruitment and selection consultancy, and to send right pool of people for vacant position.


The targets for management reports are to have a clear understanding of how can these tests help the organization in carrying on their recruitment and selection process. Therefore, the following were the targets fixed for the management report: To differentiate the people based on their personality and psychometric skills, to increase the proportion of selectors in interviews, to know how beneficial can these tests be to pass a good pool of talent to the organizations.


The aims and objectives of the management report would help in attaining better outcomes. This report is expected to help me understand clearly about the concepts associated with personality and psychometric tests. This is of quite importance, because in case an individual is selected wrongly, the human resource department is liable for the same (Edenborough, 2007; Tomas and Furnham, 2005). Therefore, the responsibility of HR department increases for the right selection of an individual for the vacant position. This brings into consideration thorough evaluation of the aspirants. Therefore, the tests would also help Mr. JamesâA¢”šA¬A¢”žA¢ agency to select the right pool of people to send them in interview and selection process further in an organization (Fear & Chiron, 2002). This way, the right candidate could be sent at the right place. The tests would help James to know about the skills that an individual has. Based on the skill set, and the demand of talent at different places, he can arrange interviews of candidates. Therefore, the results are attained at an optimal level. This would be of great help for James as the right candidates are only sent by him to apply for the vacant positions. This would increase the rate of conversion of application to conversion and joining of job. This even helps candidates like me to get into the right organization prior to joining it. I would be able to know about the skill set I have and choose the right place for me to work. The rate of employee turnover, which is the major problem in todayâA¢”šA¬A¢”žA¢s scenario, would even be controlled through this approach. Therefore, it would result in favour of the placement agency, the candidates, as well as the organizations due to better match of skills and the demand, resulting in overall benefit for all the entities involved in the process.

Section 3: Monitor and evaluate progress in achieving aims, objectives and targets, using relevant sources of information.

Answer 3.1:

The above sections discussed about the suggested approach. However, it is quite crucial to properly evaluate and monitor the efforts to ensure that the results are achieved (Sperandeo & Brown, 1993; Fahad, 1993). For this, there should be some practice at place to check for the results that are achieved from the efforts put by the approach. For this purpose, the collection of information plays a crucial role. Therefore, efforts are made to ensure that a good bunch of information is collected about the organizations, their rate of turnover for employees, and the rate of conversion of application for job to selection. The rate of conversion of an employee from application to conversion was noted to be 7% in the organization. This was a good ratio. However, there are still the opportunities for improvement. Based on this, the efforts are made to select the potential candidates from the list of applicants. Therefore, the information will be elaborated further to help in proper evaluation of the outcomes. The use of this approach can result in attainment of better results. There would be proper control over the outcomes through this approach. Therefore, the right set of skills can result in benefits to the individuals involved. The information, which is of supreme role for the analysis and evaluation, shall therefore be collected thoroughly to attain outcomes.


For evaluation of the strategy, the use of various analytical techniques is available. Proper review about how the suggested strategy can be of help to the individuals, the agency along with me, made use of the statistics of candidates who had joined different organizations. For the organizational previous employees, who had been placed without the use of personality and psychometric tests, the records are noted. This record shows the duration for which an individual had worked for the organization. Therefore, this illustrates the number of months for which the candidate had served the organization. This shows about the employee turnover rate of the organization. This is then compared with the rate of employee turnover after the incorporation of personality and psychometric tests to select an individual. Therefore, the strategy is expected to be of great help in evaluation of the candidate (Edenborough, 2000). This helps in sending of right candidate to the right place. The rate of conversion of candidate from applying the job to being selected is also taken into consideration. This also helps in the same way to know about the associated benefits of the approach. This would also act as favourable approaches for the right evaluation of the strategy incorporated. Thus, the aims and objectives would be thoroughly accessed to know about the state at which the efforts results in outcomes. This would entail the success of efforts by the suggested strategy. The results would act favourably towards the growth and success of placement agency too. The brand building would be one of the characteristic for the organizations.

Section 4: Write a management report which determines conclusions that are consistent with your aims, objectives and targets, identifying data and information to support the conclusions. Present the report in an appropriate format outlining the research undertaken and analyse the outcomes


The management report plays a crucial role in the cycle of management. At this instance, we had discussed about how the experience of meeting with three different organizations had helped me in understanding the concept of industry. My meeting with UK Jobs Network, Connection Employment Agency, and Actis Recruitment had helped me in understanding the concepts associated with organizations. The aim for the report was described as to understand the extent to which an individual working in the HR department can gain benefit from the process of personality & Psychometric test. This approach was expected to be of great help for the placement organization for selection of right pool of candidates and guiding them to work in the right direction. Additionally, this would help in proper job selection by the candidate as well. Therefore, the concept has associated benefits. The strategy of proper evaluation would result in gains for the organization (Atlanta Magazine, 2007). So as to come up with the solution, some of the objectives were designed to ensure that the aims are achieved. These objectives include understanding how the personality and psychometric tests can help the management make clear conceptions with the recruitment and selection consultancy, and to send right pool of people for vacant position. Based on this, the proper personality and psychometric tests would be used by the consultancy agency. This would help in right selection of candidates for the job vacancies. The tests would help in knowing the skill set that an individual possess. Based on the skill set found in an individual, the opportunities would be provided for the candidates to face interviews. This would act in favour of the agency, because the rate of selection would be improved through this approach. Additionally, this would be of help for an individual to perform well in the interviews, because of the interest area of candidate (Brabender et al., 2004). Therefore, the agencyâA¢”šA¬A¢”žA¢s use of personality and psychometric tests would help in obtaining results. The approach would help organizational results as well. However, the main point is to analyze the responses of the tests in proper manner. This, if not undertaken in the right manner, can result in losses. Additionally, the costs involved with these tests would increase burden on the pockets of aspirants. These candidates need to invest more for the expenses of agency to come up with the solution. Thereafter, the agency should make use of experts to analyze the results in a proper manner. This way, the agency would be able to make better suggestions for individuals to join different organizations. There would be alignment of demand and supply, resulting in improved conversion of application for job to final selection.

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