Agreed Ways of Working in Relation to Healthcare Tasks

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Legislation and laws are made to ensure that everyone is comfortable in the society and that they know the behaviors that are acceptable and those that are not. Laws are there to cover all aspects of our lives whereby they ensure that there is the protection of the health and the safety of all people at work and those that have been previously affected by work activities. The manager will ensure that the employee is working within the law and providing care and support that will help in meeting the needs of all people or individuals.

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“Agreed Ways of Working in Relation to Healthcare Tasks”

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For those that have the responsibilities to provide attention and support, they must ensure that their safety and welfare is protected. They can do all this by making sure that their care plan is strictly followed and it has been carried out in the agreed and the safe ways. Again, they should ensure that the care that they receive meets all their needs by involving them and their carer or support network in their planning, review, and delivery of their care. As one of those that will care for the people that have the eyesight problem, I should ensure that people are treated fairly, and the rights that each person has is upheld whereby people will be working in ways that promote equality and diversity and uphold the dignity and all human rights.

For working relationships in health and social care, there will be the individuals and their friend and families. It also can be the contact with colleagues and managers; also, it can be with people at the workplaces which include the advocate and any other person. Taking care of these people can be effective if people or the carer provide support by visiting and providing food for the victims.

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