Business Work Experience – Computer King Jamaica Limited

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Executive Summary Computer King Jamaica Limited is located at 14a Cargill Avenue, Kingston 10. We are a one stop information technology solution company that opened its doors in 2004. With a vision of providing IT solutions that are of the highest quality and most cost-effective, the founders created a company built on these tenets. We are a small company and deliberately so, as in this way we are able to respond much more quickly and offer more flexible service. We take pride in working to understand our clients’ business needs and always strive towards providing solutions that are unique, applicable and relevant to each customer. Our primary objective is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by suggesting the solutions that make sense technically, economically and operationally. Our services are driven by a qualified and capable team whose unquestionable commitment ensures our success through providing and delivering value for money. We remain current with technology trends, researching new solutions ensuring the selection of the best techniques to solve your problems and helping customers to take full advantage of new software that will deliver only the best end products. We boast a track record of providing excellent long-term support and service to our customers. This reputation has enabled our company to expand; yet, our commitment to customer satisfaction has not been deterred. This expansion has encouraged us to customize our operation to fit the ever changing needs of our customers. Our services encompasses of web development, networking, sales and servicing of (computers, servers, desktops, laptops, printers) and structured cabling, computer programming, and development and installation of WAN (Wide Area Network), LAN (Local Area Network) and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) MS (Manage Services). Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Computer King Jamaica Ltd the ideal choice for the implementation of your technology Systems. Computer King Jamaica Ltd. prides itself as one of the leaders in the Computer Technology industry, dealing in computer hardware, Printers, software, peripherals, network installation, laptop, servers, and repairs and servicing of same products. We also provide Managed Services, IT Support Services and Computer Network with the latest technology and equipment allowing us to give our customers the best service possible. Introduction The development of this paper is to develop the skills and knowledge of work practices in an indusdry. It aims to develop knowledge and understanding of how businesses operate and the skills and abilities managers draw upon when faced with everyday issues or problems. First hand experiences was needed for all aspects of the business operation which was visited. Different aspects of the organisation was examined and assessed to get a full understanding of the firm’s day to day operation. We were ask to:

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“Business Work Experience – Computer King Jamaica Limited”

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  1. research a suitable host organisation and arrange work experience through preparing for interview.
  2. identify and agree a suitable issue or problem to be investigated with the organisation and tutor, setting aims, objectives and targets.
  3. monitor your progress against an action plan of the agreed aims and objectives, and review the effectiveness of achievement of the targets and your own performance.

The knowledge taken from this study was to understand ways to arrange appropriate industry experiences also be able to monitor and evaluate progress of work based projects. Literature Review The aim of this research is to show how communications, knowledge and information can be improved within an organisation including making better use of IT systems. It is obvious that communication does not automatically occur in an organisation and also that information and business knowledge is sometimes insufficient when decisions are made. The research entails the use of IT systems as a management tool for collecting, storing, disseminating and providing access to knowledge and information. Communication is the process where there is an exchange and flow of information, knowledge and ideas from one person to another where effective communication will only take place if receiver understands the information and the idea from the sender. Throughout every organisation they are two types of communication channels and these channels being the formal and informal channels. An employee should always acknowledge the formal channel of communication without forgetting the informal channel which should be supplementary where the formal channel is not effective. states “Various factors impact upon an organization’s ability to communicate: size and geographical spread are two very significant factors, together with change and its implementation.” Concentrating on the size and geographical spread, it is stated that information and knowledge is more easily spread received within a smaller cohesive team where the needs of each individual employee can be identified. Methodology Qualitative/Quantitative This project will utilize both quantitative and qualitative data collection tools, but will be rooted around the qualitative approach due to the fact that data will be collected, analysed and interpreted based on what people do or say. Primary/Secondary Research Primary research was used to answer specific questions. The use of questionnaires and direct observation was used as the tools for gathering primary data. Secondary research was the second hand information used. These information was retrieved from sources such as internet, books, newspaper, journals, lecture notes, library and articles related to the study. The use of both methods to gather data enabled me to gather adequate information and better understand the topic being researched. Limitations Limitations faced while conducting this research was availability of experts in editing and guidance was minimal. Support from friends or organisation website were not enough. Time management was also an issue where information was not retrieve in the appropriate time manner. Assessment Criteria 1.1 Select a suitable host organisation Computer King Jamaica Limited is located at 14a Cargill Avenue, Kingston 10. We are a one stop information technology solution company that opened its doors in 2004. With a vision of providing IT solutions that are of the highest quality and most cost-effective, the founders created a company built on these tenets. We are a small company and deliberately so, as in this way we are able to respond much more quickly and offer more flexible service. 1.2 Explain the structure of the host organisation and the sector in which it operates Computer King JamaicaLimited has been serving the Information Technology community since 2004. They are a complete Solutions Provider in the Micro P.C. Market, providing services from maintaining and cleaning your P.C. to full Wide Area Networking They have A+ Certified Technicians, MCSE, Ciscoas well as other well trained and Certified Professionals on hand to satisfactorily meet your needs. 1.3 Explain how the industry experience would support the development of an appropriate management report A management report is a statement made by management which is used to compare the actual results achieved with the budgeted forecast levels. A business management report is a formal statement of the results of a business, or of any matter on which definite information is required, made by some person or body. It may be presented orally or in written form. Industry experiences may support the development of an appropriate management report due to the fact that this is where situations are analysed, conclusions are drawn, alternatives considered and recommendations made. To write a management report you must first analyze the information that you are going to put in the report. You then arrange it so that the numbers can be evaluated easily. 2.1 Negotiate appropriate aims, objectives and targets for the work-based project task The aim of a project is the statement to the problem the project is set to solve. The aims may not necessarily be fully achieved by the project in itself, but the project should contribute to their achievement. Objectives are derived from the aim, but are more specific, offering concrete statements of what the project will try to achieve in order to reach its aim(s). Objectives should be matched to the problem determinants identified in the problem analysis, and should be written at a level which allows them to be evaluated at the conclusion of the project. A well-worded objective will therefore be SMART The target are the person who will positively be affected by the project. They must be distinguished from intermediaries, who are also reached by the project but do not benefit from it. Instead, they are familiar with the target group and are expected to support the implementation process. Aim

  • To critically assess the needs of IT tool within organisations to contribute to performance and technical efficiency.


  • To critically assess IT needs.
  • To classify and evaluate the operation of IT system recovery schemes nationally.
  • To make recommendations to improve the operational effectiveness of, and to maximise recovery opportunities of IT systems.

2.2 Evaluate how the aims, objectives and targets will benefit both the organization and self. The aims, objectives and targets and the ends in which an organization is hoping to achieve. By putting aims, objectives and targets in place the organization gives itself a purpose and a direction in which to head. A framework around which to create their plans is provided in the aims and objectives. With the overall plan the company can now set particular targets and monitor the development of achieving them. The aims and objectives are linked in the following way:

  • Aims are the changes the company are trying to achieve.
  • Objectives are the methods or the activities by which you achieve your aims.

Once aims and objectives are clear, it will be easier to agree on planned outputs, outcomes and impact. The organisation set aims and objectives, so as to be able to measure their progress towards their stated goals for a particular financial term or business period. Aims indicate where the business wants to be in the future, whereas objectives set a clearly defined target for the business. In most businesses, plans are drawn up for the business to achieve these aims and targets. It also causes the business owners to remain focus. 3.1 Research suitable information to inform the work-based activity Work based activities is a concept put in place to design your organisation in such a way thatit supports work activities optimally rather than drawing a boundary. In other word no employee owns or is assigned to a set workstation. By working activity based, you condition your mind and body to get the most out of time and space and the good thing is, you get better at it every day. All work based activity spaces should have a fast wireless network, and in all, facilities are shared between coworkers and management, no one has their own desk, except for maybe the security staff. According to your day is filled with tasks you need to do. All tasks require a typical attention from you that is not uniform. For some tasks you need to think creatively, for some you’ll need to collaborate, and for others you simply need to do a couple of mundane chores. In your ABW space, you choose your desk, room or area according to the task that you’re about to do. The office environment is designed to support you in doing that particular task. Benefits of Activity Based Working

  • you concentrate better
  • you are more productive
  • you are more active and less sedentary during your work day
  • you are more likely to collaborate and share ideas and skills
  • you are more mindful of your tasks, activities and productivity
  • so you enjoy working more

3.3 Assess how the development of skills and behaviors improved own knowledge of working practices, making recommendations for improvement The development of skills and behaviors will improve own knowledge of working practices by ensuring:

  • improve the outcome and experiences for those who use your services
  • improve the flow of patients and information going through your department

and the whole healthcare system

  • reduce queues or waiting lists
  • design systems to avoid mistakes
  • improve the working environment for staff
  • increase job satisfaction for yourself and others
  • identify your own development needs as well as the needs of others
  • build your individual competence and confidence
  • develop excellent business cases when you do need extra resources
  • understand and influence the culture you work in

My recommendation is checking with your supervisor about the work you are expected to carry out and the standard you need to achieve, the safety points to be aware of and the skills and knowledge you will need to develop. 4.1 Develop conclusions to meet the aims, objectives and targets I have concluded that meetings can be the most interesting and productive part of meeting the aims, objectives and targets. The planning done in meetings plays a vital role in the completion of the above mentioned. These planning entails preparation, facilitation, inspiration and results. Preparation means you are making sure your meeting has a clear purpose and agenda. Preparation also means attention to details. Facilitation means that the correct persons are responsible for selected task. Inspiration mean motivating individuals or aiding someone in creating something. Results is when you meet your aims, objectives and targets. 4.2 Carry out appropriate changes to improve the collection, formatting,storage and dissemination of information Questions to consider:

  • What current mechanisms are in place to reach out to your stakeholders?
  • Which has proven to be the most effective means of communication?
  • What is the clear message I want to convey?
  • Who is the subject matter expert that will convey the agency’s message? This is critical when the agency is addressing an issue that requires an expert analysis or interpretation of information derived from the information management system.
  • Who is my target audience?

4.3 Implement a strategy to improve access to systems of information and knowledge. Knowledge is a dynamic combination of experience, expert insight, values and contextual information. It can be intangible, personal, elusive, and immeasurable (Gorelick, 2005).Knowledge constitutes a foundation for evaluating new experiences and information and is continually shaped through new experiences (Davenport & Prusak, 1998). Knowledge has two very distinct aspects; the easily communicated and recorded or explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge which is embedded in the minds of individuals and is not so easily documented (Nanoka & Takeuchi, 1995). Strategies to improve access to systems of information and knowledge:

  1. Developing and Information and Knowledge management System – this is an integral component of project management.
  1. Analyze information and knowledge needs – to be effective in managing information as a resource, the IKM system must meet the need of all the stakeholders. the IKM system should be developed based on analysis of the information & knowledge needs of donors, the project team, partner organizations, target populations and other institutions, including governmental and non-governmental organizations in the project area as well as the broader adaptation and development community.
  1. Design a system for information and knowledge management – information and knowledge management are crucial to the design of a project. IKM systems should be as simple as possible in order for it to be efficient. The IKM system must clearly define what data will be collected and by what methods. It must outline how data will be analyzed to generate the information needed by different stakeholders.
  1. Develop capacity for information and knowledge management – In order for it to be effective, information and knowledge management must be the responsibility of all project staff, including partners. For this to work, the project team must understand the value of information and knowledge, and must be clear on their roles and responsibilities for managing this valuable resource.

Findings Today, as customers increasingly turn to digital channels to research products, shop and purchase and as employees arrive in the workplace conditioned by engaging consumer Web, mobile and social experiences – organizations can’t afford to be left behind due to legacy investments. Customers and employees alike expect an exceptional digital experience. Reference ACRA Accounting and cooperate Regularity Authority, 2009. available from: . {25 March 2014}. Chron, 2008. Avaliable from: . {February 2014} Webopedia , 2007. Avaliable from: . {January 2014} Telero solutions 2010. Avaliable from : {April 2014}

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