Driving Implications and Texting

Thud. Thud. You look up from your phone and you see two bodies flying over your windshield. Many car accidents happen daily as a result of texting while driving. Many of those who are seen to be texting while driving are teens. This is a very dangerous epidemic. Texting while driving is wrong because it puts many in danger, causes many medical and insurance expenses from car accidents, and it can be at times breaking the law.

Being on the phone while driving puts the driver in danger and the others around them in danger. This is because texting while driving makes someone 23 times more likely to crash (Calisi). Jennifer Smith found that people who are texting while driving have the same reaction speed as someone who is drunk while driving and that it is even more dangerous than driving while legally intoxicated (Hanes). With this, dangerous car crashes can happen and cause medical treatment or sometimes even death.

As a result of texting while driving, the driver may have to pay for the medical and insurance expenses of the other driver and for themselves if they are hurt. They are legally liable for all the expenses of the other person because they were not looking out for the safety of others around them (Calisi). Some things that the driver will have to pay for if they are found at fault are property damage, medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses and pain and suffering (Calisi). Pain and suffering is the emotional injuries that the victim experienced. The driver will have to pay for because they caused the pain and suffering.

Many groups have tried to enforce laws for texting while driving. Although no states have banned texting while driving completely they do have laws for new drivers not being able to text while they are driving (Gale). The Barack Obama Administration held a Distracted Driving Summit in the September of 2009. President Obama then signed an order that banned government employees from texting while driving (Gale). This might start to help people to stop texting while driving or join others in trying to get laws enforced to stop distracting driving.

Texting while driving is wrong because it puts many in danger, causes many medical and insurance expenses, and it is often breaking the law. It is worse than driving while intoxicated, and can cause the person to be more likely to crash a car. The driver will have to pay for the medical and insurance expenses of the victim because they weren’t looking out for their safety. Also many people have been trying to enforce more laws to stop texting while driving. This dangerous epidemic will continue to grow because there aren’t many teenage drivers who realize how much danger texting while driving is putting them in.

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