Creating a Business Report and Social Media

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Do we know and understand what a business report is and the significance of one might be? Who would need to create a business report.? A business report in hindsight is simply outlining important factors of a specific project, or it can be a bit more informative and in-depth providing a detailed report regarding improved salaries, benefits, working hours, and even evaluating procedures within an organization. There are 5 easy steps to ensure you have an informative, yet effective presentation. When following these steps, it is also necessary to recognize how the social media platform and the way business information is delivered. First one must determine the scope (purpose) of a report. Try to understand why the report is necessary and how will it be effective. A business report can have exhibit a wide range of purpose such as organizational polices and procedures, ideas and concepts, as well as establishing control and coordination.

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“Creating a Business Report and Social Media”

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The second step in creating a business report is understanding who your target audience or reader might be. For the data that’s being provided to be clear and concise, some unique factors one will need to be considered when preparing your report would be, for example, one’s educational level, position within the organization, age, preference, and attitude are all important factors to consider when preparing your report. Let’s just say you are providing a presentation to a committee board regarding the development of a new recreation center in the community. You would want to be sure to think about any graphs or models that would best demonstrate any projections. Be sure to make the introduction visuals and ideas that will capture your audience attention. The third step after you’ve determined your audience, will be to analyze and organize the business information. It is most important to analyze the data within the information prior to writing to ensure the objective makes sense based on the information and data gathered and that will be presented.

The analysis stage is particularly important because it assists in the ensure there is no bias in the business report. The fourth step of the report is providing or recommending any possible solutions for any problems encountered by the business. Often it is necessary to find the root of any problems that have or will likely recur. This is the time to discuss any topics, issues, concerns, and decisions should all be well organized in the report and ready to be presented to your audience. The ability to identify multiple solutions to these problems can prevent potential cost and complexity. Be sure to discuss all course of action plans within your report and assign responsibility to the appropriate individuals to execute the solutions. The fifth and final step in creating a business report is to review and refine the details of your presentation. This step gives you the opportunity to proofread your material for any grammatical and typographical errors, also make sure any number being used in statistical data is correct.

If your information is valid, you want to make sure it looks as such visually. Since a business report is typically formal, your report should likely include headers, footers and page numbers. Often time asking a friend or coworker to review your report before presenting is usually helpful. End your presentation with a summary reflecting the presented data and clearly restate your point. In today’s world of social media, any data provided small or large organizations will be reached and utilized by some social media platform. Social media platforms allow businesses to create a relationship with its current or future customers. Social media boards allow business to advertise, track vies and comments, and even gain statistical results. Social media has assisted in getting business in front of potential customers who may be interested in a service or product. Not only has social media changed the way of the world but has truly changed everything for the corporate world. Refence Brown, L. (2013). Effective business report writing.

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