Misuse of Social Media

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Do you use social media? There are many reasons we use social media. Some people use social media to stay connect with others, learn new things online and build business while some just join for fun.

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“Misuse of Social Media”

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We all know that using social media brings a lot of advantages but it is a threat to teenagers too. Do you know how youth use social media? The time they spend online is really terrifying as they are spending nearly all their waking hours staring at screens.

As one of the user, I know that social media can take up a lot of youth’s time and it is very addicting. Spending too much time on social media harms teenagers as it leads to concentration problems and it is making youth unproductive. Besides of homework, students like me should be doing other activities like reading and doing exercise. Instead, I sit and spend my time scrolling on phones or computers. According to research, my brain will become lazier and I am slowly becoming less efficient. In the end, I can no longer focus on studies.

Also, people can access to the Internet easily these days. Therefore, they will be posting loads of engaging content. This allows people to share opinions and exchange information. However, the risk is that some teenagers will start to insult other social media users as they can leave their comments anonymously. Youth may send hatred messages or threaten people around them since they do not think much before publishing those comments. Hence, it has contributed to a new form of bullying-cyberbullying.

Problems I face when I spend too much time online:

  1. Experience health problems such as lack of valuable sleep, and I often suffer eye strain as well as cervical spondylosis which is a common neck pain.
  2. Mental health being affected as I start getting irritable when I am not able to access to social media.

These are just some of the ways youth misuse social media and the impact of it. I really think that there is no right or wrong on using social media, it totally depends on how we use it. If you feel like you are misusing it, try to change your behaviour while being online. It is not too late to make a difference.

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