Professional and Effective Ways to Use Social Media through Business Communications

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The most significant lesson that professors can teach today’s students is the success inside and outside the classroom that technology can deliver. In an era where the usage of technology and smart devices are rising, those whom use technology have grown to use the devices, social media platforms, etc. and put them to an effective use whether it is through their studies, or during their post-graduate life. Within this new era, students have used the advantages of growth in technology throughout their class instruction time.

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“Professional and Effective Ways to Use Social Media through Business Communications”

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Many often look at the rise of social media and technology advancements as a negative trend in today’s students, but in the business perspective of one’s college career and future post-graduate life, the usage of technology has not only been effective, but also proven to enhance the skills needed to succeed in the field of business communications. Since the rise of social media and advancement of technology, students have begun to thrive in applications and other software programs such as Adobe and Microsoft. Due to the evident success social media has played in the business world, it has become a vital element in communicating between employees, other businesses, and more importantly customers.

Although in-person communication has always been a staple for communication within a business, social media has allowed employees to push themselves to advance their skills, use strategic thought processes, and be able to quickly react to problems that arise in the work place.

The usage of social media in classroom settings has prepared students for the real world of business through using media and implementing it into daily assignments for classes. In order for students to truly realize the impact social media has in their future careers, professors have included assignments that encompass social media and create challenges in real life scenarios (Sapkota and Putten).

Not only has social media proven to enhance the image and flow of a business, but it has also allowed employers to find their new employees. The hiring process has become easier for recruiters and Human Resource departments within a company, as the range of who they want to work for them, and why they want that person to work for them can easily be narrowed down by using different features and search settings within social media networking apps. The usage of social media in classrooms has also given students an ethics, morals, and skills lesson when deciding the appropriate times to properly use social media in terms of communicating through business.

Although social media has been useful in the business world, students must know that there is a fine line between a business profile and an individual profile. Even though social media can enhance one’s job search and networking, it could also ruin one’s image.

In an era where social media is often looked down upon, colleges have found technological advances to be an advantage when teaching business courses, and businesses have found the advances to be equally as rewarding upon hiring social media educated employees. Research has shown that there is a positive correlation between social media usage inside and outside the classroom/work place and an individual/business’s success in growth, networking, and expansion of skills.

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