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During my OB term I attended an infant/toddler safety class at PIH Hospital in the city of Whitter, CA. This class was an interesting and interactive class where expecting parents, family members, friends, and students can come to learn about the importance of infant/toddler safety. It was a crash course to inform expecting parents about their role in prevention and rescue in an infant/toddlerr's life. Address of Organization: PIH Health Hospital Whitter: 12401 Washington Blvd, Whitter, CA. 90602 Purpose of Organization Mission Statement & Core Values. PIH ensures high-quality healthcare, without discrimination, and plays a huge part in the health and wellbeing of the communities in an ethical, safe and fiscally prudent manner. PIH values their patients first, patientr's safety, well-being and medical condition as their primary concern. Second, PIH values respect and compassion for the beliefs and needs of both patients and co-workers. Third, responsiveness because PIH strives to respond and meet the needs of its patients in a timely manner. Fourth, integrity which reflect high ethical and moral values.

Fifth collaboration and innovation where teamwork plays a vital role in solving problems, and Sixth stewardship where they serve the community in a wise and financially efficient manner (PIH,2018). Infant/Toddler Safety Class. The purpose of this class is to teach important lifesaving techniques that can be crucial to saving a childr's life, for expecting parents, grandparents, friends, family and those responsible for watching the baby. It is recommended to attend this class during the 7th-9th month of pregnancy. The topics included: how to get help in an emergency, how to tell if the child is in need of immediate response, childproofing the home for safety, and how to perform CPR in a choking situation of an unconscious/conscious child. Population Served Whitter, CA. PIH Health Hospital is a nonprofit, regional hospital that serves more than two million people in Los Angeles and Orange County, even extending throughout San Gabriel Valley. This hospital serves individuals who cannot afford healthcare as well as the people in its county.

Based on the 2017 census Whitter, CA. has a population of 86,838 which makes it the 94th largest city in California. More than half the population (68.2%) are either Hispanic/Latinos and about 80% of the population have graduated high school or completed a higher education. In addition, about 12% of the population under the age of 65 do not have health insurance making it difficult for them to receive the care that they need due to financial issues. These 12% may also fall into the category of being the 11.8% in poverty. The average family has about 3 people per household and a median household income of about $67,431 (Census Bureau, 2018). Demographics of The Infant/Toddler Safety Class. The class consisted of first time parents in their 30r's who were mainly Hispanic/Latinos and few African Americans and Asians. This also corresponds with the data from the Census Bureau (2018), that Hispanics make up 65.1% which is the largest population in the service area.

According to the Census Bureau (2018), females make up more than 50% of the population of Whitter, CA. and the demographics in this class match that data. Most of these women had their partners accompany them as well as parents of both individuals. Health Concerns for This Population. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC (2015), Hispanics are the largest ethnic minority population in the US, which is about 1 in every 6 people in the US. This ethnic group has two leading causes of death, heart disease and cancer accounting for about 2 out of 5 deaths in the US (CDC,2015). In addition, Hispanics are 24% more likely to have poorly controlled high blood pressure, 23% more likely to be obese and have 50% higher death rate from diabetes compared to white ethnic groups. Another research article states that Hispanics in the US have other health disparities such as homicide among younger men, injuries in the workforce, HIV, liver disease and some gastrointestinal diseases (Vega,A., Rodriguez, A., and Gruskin, E., 2009).

There are many reasons these numbers are so high but health care professionals and individuals in the community can work together to decrease death rates due to health issues. Hispanics are also at a higher risk for heart disease and cancer because they are 3 times less likely to be uninsured like whites (CDC,2018). Doctors and other healthcare professionals can work together to eliminate language barriers for Spanish speaking people by providing interpreters to those who need it. Education and awareness can be spread throughout these communities to help Hispanic people make better health choices. Health care professionals provide them free or low-cost health services. Professional Services Services. PIH Health Hospital in Whitter, CA. has a multispecialty medical group that provides numerous outpatient medical services, home health services/ hospice care, as well as heart, cancer, stroke, womenr's health and emergency services. PIH Health Hospital has been recognized multiple times as the nationr's top hospital for providing quality care of its treatment and advanced technology (PIH,2018). PIH Hospital offers almost all services for every age group from acute care, urgent care, emergency care, cancer, telemetry, to newborn and pediatrics care.

PIH Health also contracts with most HMO and PPO insurance plans to meet the needs of its patients. This Hospital also provides services in the community to help promote wellness and increase access to medical services. They focus on major health issues within the community such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity by providing the people with evidence-based programs and classes (PIH, 2018). Geographical and Environmental Layout Facility. PIH Health Hospital is a regional nonprofit healthcare network that serves more than 2.1 million individuals in the Los Angeles County, Orange County, as well as the San Gabriel Valley. Californiar's post-World War II population is what triggered the shortages of hospital beds because many residents in the community were in need of medical help. Due to federal funding, the community came together to help build this hospital, known as Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital (PIH) of 188 beds which first opened on January 11, 1959. The tremendous support and funding came from the Hill-Burton act as well as the continuous efforts of the members in the community raising funds for healthcare. Since then PIH has worked to expand its top-quality medical services and facilities to provide quality patient care. This would not have been possible without the constant efforts and dedication from staff and leadership to putting patients first and providing quality health care to all individuals.

Today, PIH serves more than two million residents in three different counties (PIH, 2018). Physical Layout. PIH Health Hospital is a very large hospital with multiple parking lots and many entrances. However, I parked in the parking lot right across the main entrance and walked across to the two sliding doors. There was a well lite sign above the entrance that said Main Entrance and guided me to the right place. Once I walked in I went to the receptionist that were sitting on the left-hand side and asked them where the infant/toddler safety classes are being held. They were extremely nice and after greeting me with a smile they gave me directions on how to get to the class. I was told to make a right at the first hallway, walk past the restrooms and elevator 3 will be on my left-hand side. I will have to take that elevator 3 down to the lower level and look for the sign that says auditorium which was on the right-hand side. This is where the class was held and the two doors leading into the auditorium were open as soon as I got out of the elevator and made a right. The signs are clearly labeled at this hospital, so guest do not get lost and the staff is extremely helpful in making sure everyone finds their way around the hospital. PIH also has free Wi-Fi which is easily connectable, has staff all around the hospital that is extremely helpful, and several places where individuals can get food and drinks. Accessibility.

\PIH is an easily accessible hospital whether it be transportation, calling their phone line or finding their website. Before going to the class, I had looked up directions in traffic and without traffic to get an idea where the hospital was located. During this time, I found that there are many routes available via freeway or via side streets. I also noticed that there is public transportation available, but timing depends on where the individual is coming from. After reaching the hospital I saw big block signs that said PIH and I knew I had arrived. This hospital also had many different parking lots free of charge that is open to everyone. They also provide valet service and shuttles to those who require it. Apart from transportation I also found that accessing the hospital by phone was extremely easy. I had called to get information about the class I was interested in attending and my phone call was answered right away.

The lady on the phone was extremely kind and answered all my questions. She made sure I understood everything clearly and also asked me if I needed any additional help before hanging up. It can be stressful when phone lines are busy, or a person has to be on hold forever to get their question answered so I thought this was a great asset to the hospital company. Lastly, the hospital website is amazing, and it is accessible from anywhere. This website is very detailed from its history to the services it provides and the efforts they continue to strive for to near excellence in providing quality patient care. The layout is simple and easily readable. In addition, there are no glitches or ads that pop up while accessing the website which makes it easy to stay focused. Many times, websites are vague and do not provide details which leaves a person with no other choice but to call the hospital directly. However, PIH hospital is accessible through online, by telephone or in person at any time, any day. Transportation Issues. PIH Hospital is fairly accessible to the public but can be hard to access during rush hour traffic because it is right next to the 605 freeway.

This hospital is also in the middle of two major intersections, so commute would have to be planned accordingly. There are a couple of bus stops on Washington Blvd which may be beneficial to individuals who do not have a car to travel. I also noticed that PIH Hospital had many different entrances, so cars can go in and out without there being congestion. In addition, the parking at PIH is free and there are many spaces. There are also many different lots where people can park and if needed there is also a shuttle service that will provide rides to the front entrance. The parking lots are also well lit at night time, so it is easy for people to make their way around the hospital, park and go to the department they need to. Social Issues of The Population Hispanic women. According to a new report from the March of Dimes organization, Hispanic women have a higher chances of giving birth to a baby with neural tube birth defects and nearly a quarter of all Hispanic births are preterm babies (March of Dimes, 2018).

These women need to be educated on steps they can take to ensure their baby can start a healthy lifestyle and that is the goal of this March of Dimes organization. Being the fastest-growing ethnic group in the country, Hispanic women have a lower intake of folic acid which is causing brain and spinal cord defects in their babies. In addition, Hispanic women also report not taking the necessary multivitamins or supplemental nutrition for the growth of a healthy baby. This organization is established to empower moms to be and the family on healthy habits that will benefit themselves as well as their baby (March of Dimes, 2018). After reading articles on planned parenthood website, I also found out that Hispanic women lack the access to quality health care which really makes an impact on them as well as the future generation. Teen pregnancy is 1 ?? times more likely in Hispanic women and cervical cancer than any other ethnic group. In addition, a high percentage of Hispanic women are uninsured which means they do have a regular physician to get yearly checkups (Planned Parenthood Action Fund, 2018). Organizations Communication Internal. PIH hospital has many forms of communication within the hospital network. They have phones throughout the hospital and each department has its own extension.

Health care professionals can communicate through emails, work phones, intercom systems, as well as through meetings and announcements in each unit. PIH also has patient profiles and data that can be accessed from all departments involved in that patients care, for example, a patient chart can be accessed within a patients room, at the nurses station, in the labs, in the operating room, etc. This multi-communication system allows health care professionals to perform better team work and provide the quality care to all its patients. External. PIH health hospital communicates with the residents through public announcements, an informational hospital website, as well as a patient service phone number. Patient service representatives are the individuals who help patients and family members find the information they need and help them solve their problems. They connect individuals with PIH doctors and/or other departments within the hospital. PIH also works with home health services and hospice care in case an individual needed rehabilitation services after their hospital stay (PIH,2018). There are also classes that patients can attend which take place within the hospital to better familiarize themselves with a certain topic/problem they are unaware of.

All patients of PIH health have access to the PIH health portal where all medical records can be found. PIH holds great pride in ensuring quality care to all of its patients and patient satisfaction is their goal. Activities During Community Experience Activities. This infant/toddler safety class was a 2.5-hour class that started at 7:00pm and ended at 9:30pm. Our total time ended up being 3.5 hours because we helped set up the handouts at the beginning of class and helped pack up the safety gear and mannequin dolls after class. Naomi the instructor was very informative and a great presenter. She was extremely energetic and kept everyone engaged throughout the entire presentation. She also brought props and mannequins to practice stuff that she had taught in her presentation which was awesome. This allowed parents to be and family/friends of those expecting to get a hands-on experience on safety equipment. Time flew by in this infant/toddler safety class because there were many different activities that kept the audience engaged.

First, there were numerous handouts laid out by the door where people enter from. These handouts contained visuals, detailed information about a certain topic, statistics for that particular topic and a copy of the entire power point presentation was also given. The power point slides were short and concise with visuals to help the parents visualize what is being taught. These power point slides also had videos with step-by-step of how to perform CPR on a conscious vs. unconscious patient (newborn or toddler). The videos looked outdated due to its quality and color, but the content was up to date with the research shown on screen. The volume was loud clear which projected to the back of the room so those sitting in the back were able to hear it clearly. The instructor also demonstrated in person some of the major topics that were being explained in the video such as car seat safety and CPR for conscious/unconscious infants or toddlers. The great thing about this class and its activities is that there is no registration or fees required, making it a wonderful place for anybody to learn. Program or Changes To Better Serve The Community Possible changes. The infant/toddler safety class was a very informative and interactive class to attend to help better prepare for the birth of a child.

However, I feel that offering classes during the day would be a great way to spread the knowledge to expecting parents because many people may not be able to make it in the evening. There may be many underlying issues, but transportation may play a vital role in this. Public transportation is very difficult in the evening and due to the heavy traffic in Southern California, expecting parents would really be disturbed throughout the whole travel process. Another option could be providing online classes or links to videos that patients can watch to help educate themselves in case they are unable to attend these informational classes. This may also help in spreading the knowledge and education to more expecting parents because these videos and links would be accessible from any electronic device with internet. Convenience and cost are usually the two factors that play a huge role when it comes to the number of people that attend these informational sessions.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2015). Hispanic Health: Vital signs. Retrieved from March of Dimes. (2014). Health of Hispanic Moms and Babies A Growing Concern, New Report Says. Retrieved from PIH Health. (2018). Our History. Retrieved from Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Inc. (2018). Health Equity Issues for the Latino Community. Retrieved from United States Census Bureau. (2018). Quick Facts Whitter City, California. Retrieved from Vega, W. A., Rodriguez, M. A., & Gruskin, E. (2009). Health Disparities in the Latino Population. Epidemiologic Reviews, 31, 99“112.

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