What is Community Service?

Community service is the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.” Community Service means giving back to the community. It means to help people and animals in need. Community Service is doing a good cause in the world because of all the kind-hearted people out there who are making a difference and taking their time to volunteer. During my Community Service experience, I completed many tasks. One of my favorites was giving my time and effort to Forte Animal Rescue.

Forte Animal Rescue is an organization that saves animals that don’t have a home. I had so much fun there helping take care of the dogs and getting them a home. I was also provided the opportunity to clean up the beach. It was a great task to complete because I got to pick up trash and make a difference. Cleaning up the ocean helped the animals because there wouldn’t be any more plastic or trash in the ocean for the animals to think it was food and accidentally choke on it. Also, I got the opportunity to send cards and prepare goodies for kids who were abused. That made me feel really good inside because I got to make someone’s day a bit better. I made someone smile that was going through tough times. Community service built a bridge between me and the community in a good way. I was so happy participating in things that I love doing and being a part of. It was a great experience because you get to feel good inside and get to put a smile on someone’s face. Little by little you get to change the world in a better way and in the process, you may convince other people to also take action and get involved. To someone who may follow me in the same assignment, I recommend that they help somewhere they like and will enjoy the process.

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Help the world by following your passion. If you help change the world by doing something you like, then you will make a change even faster. When you work harder, you get more rewards. Just like if you help the community, you change the world. It is important to be involved in a project like this to help make the world a better place. I think everyone should be involved in Community Service because we are all capable of helping people and animals in need. When you make someone’s day better, it makes you feel good inside. The most memorable part of my Community Service experience was helping at Forte Animal Rescue. The reason why this was my favorite experience is that I got to see so many dogs get adopted. The only sad part of my community service experience what is when some of the dogs didn’t get adopted. It’s heartbreaking to see this because I want to adopt all of the dogs in the world but right now I can’t. My whole community service experience was the best out of the other two years. I loved writing letters to children who were abused and hoping that the letters would make them feel better. I wish I could see the smiles on their faces. Community Service was a great experience and I didn’t have to, I got the opportunity to change the world.

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