Why is Community Service Important?

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In seventh grade in JM, every student is required to do at least five hours of community service. Community service is helping your community with your time, and not wanting anything in return. To complete those requirements, I volunteered at the Los Perales Elementary School Fall Festival and I still volunteer at the Moraga Public Library.

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“Why is Community Service Important?”

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The Los Perales Fall Festival had two shifts, both in which I participated. During the first shift, I was a fortune teller, and my job was to tell children that would come by their future. I panicked a lot; I ran out of futures to tell, but I had an assistant which helped me a lot. I was surprised that the stand was popular, there were so many others that I was thankful so many children stopped at the booth. After the first shift, I switched jobs, now working as a fisherman. There was a curtain, pretending to be the sea, and another person behind the curtain who would secure a prize onto the hook. The other person helped children throw the hook over the curtain and went to get more prizes when needed. I worked with a younger boy, with whom I switched places multiple times to be behind or in front of the curtain. We had a lot of fun, the children were very cooperative and it was really nice seeing how happy everyone was after getting a prize. After finishing both shifts, I got to take some of the leftover fishing prizes home myself.

A few weeks ago I first volunteered at the Moraga Public Library, and again the following week. I checked in with the staff and they occupied me with tasks like stacking CDs and DVDs, cleaning tables, packing books, shredding and cutting paper. The most exciting task was searching for lost books and CDs that people think they have returned, but they cannot be found. I had to walk from one end of the library to another and, in the end, only a few books were found. The staff had accepted me nicely, they are all so wonderful, and I cannot wait to volunteer again this week!

Thus, I enjoyed doing my community service. It was really fun working with children at the Fall Festival and I like helping around the library, and cannot wait to help some more.

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