Community Service and Volunteerism

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Community service can play a crucial role in our happiness, though many people do not take advantage of it. A lot of times people don't want to waste their time with this, because it doesn't benefit them financially. But sometimes the gain from community service can sometimes be more valuable than money itself. Not only can community service open up multiple doors for the future, it can more importantly improve our overall well-being.

Many ways community service has a positive impact on our happiness. Its ability to change the world not just for yourself, but for others is used as a key component to achieve greater happiness. Tapping into the ideas that community service gives purpose, Relieves Stress, and it just down right makes you feel good.

No matter who you are, in life you will end up feeling isolated and volunteering is a way people make that feeling disappear. It helps individuals with mental illnesses and gives people purpose when they need it. There are hundreds of thousands of ways that fit in with everyone who wants to help out through community service.

Another thing is that community service is a good stress reliever. There are tons of studies that show when a person volunteers, the brain releases dopamine, which for those who don't know plays a big role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior. So pretty much, if you help out others, you are helping yourself too. It is said that things like working with others, as well as pets and animals statistically decreases things like depression, anger, and most of all stress.

It's positive effect shapes you and makes you happy. Ultimately, Community service and volunteerism just down right makes you feel good. Your precious time isn't just devoted to you and you are giving it to someone else you feel a sense of accomplishment. This not only makes someone else's situation better, but it helps with your physical and mental health too. It can be used as a tool to stay connected with others and really make a mutual impact on the world. The little things matter just as much and sometimes even greater and everyone can do it.

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