Tuition for College is Ruining Americas Economy

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Tuition for college is ruining Americas economy. Tuition needs to be free because college is just too expensive to pay for these days. College Tuition should be free because college is financially draining on students and families.

College Prices have been increasing over time. Over the past few years college tuition has been increasing substantially. An analysis of newly available information on the prices families actually pay for college finds that the costs have increased by a larger amount for poor students than for wealthy ones in recent years ( (MLA 8th Edition) Adams, Caralee J. "Higher Education 'Tuition Tracker'." Education Week, 26 Mar. 2014, p. 5. Student Resources In Context). For 30 years colleges have increased in tuition. College prices have increased it has only made it more difficult for students to get in.

Evidence shows that college has been increasing each year and continues to increase. The tuition cost has reached its highest rate yet $64 Billion annually for higher education(Neuharth, Paragraph 5). Because college is $64 billion annually it makes it so much more difficult for students to get in that they have to pay off loans that will stick with them for many years to come, even after graduation day. College prices keep increasing to the point that students have to find other ways to earn money to pay in for their next year. In these past few years, studies show that the price of college is gradually increasing each year, making it more expensive for families to pay for, causing them to go bankrupt with no money left.

Colleges have become much more expensive in society. In the U.S college is expensive. Going to College is very expensive In the United States (Cuomo, Paragraph 1). The prices for college are a bit over priced in the United States. Since college is so expensive it causes most students unable to enroll. College costs millions of dollars each school year which is overpriced and must be reduced. Due to the costs of college tuition increasing, Students are not able pay for their tuition. With tuition costs continuing to rise, Lawmakers in some states have allowed residents to attend public colleges without pay(Cuomo Paragraph 2). College tuition is continuing to get even more expensive. Some states are allowing students to get into college with no fee. In 1980 College had costed around $3,000 in the U.S, by 2007 it was risen to $7,000 and in present day, college is now $9,000.

Parents have had to pay millions of dollars on college. Families are constantly paying millions of dollars to send their kids to college.Families have to spend an average of $64 billion in tuition a year to send 13.9 million students to public colleges and universities(Neuharth, Paragraph 3). 64 Billion is being paid for 13.9 million students to go to college. Families are spending so much on their children they may not have any more money left to spend. College prices keep increasing that students have had to use student loans to pay off for college. Because college is so expensive, parents are unable to keep paying for their students. Students loans stick with students for many years including after they graduate from universities. Student loans have been used by millions of students. Families spend an average of $9,000 on college. High schools offer scholarships.Researchers measured the effect of attending a charter school on student achievement in reading and math, eligibility for a Scholarship that waives Massachusetts public university tuition(What works Clearinghouse). Not everyone in high school is able to earn a scholarship for college.

College is financially draining on students and families that can ultimately cause them to go bankrupt with no money left which is why College tuition should be free. College tuition uses up so much money on students and families combined, that students have to pay off loans for years. College tuition has increased a lot over the years from 1980 to 2018. By having college tuition being free students would not have to pay for their courses. By having free tuition, students would be able to enroll. College tuition should be free because it is very expensive nowadays and families are losing money. Students are paying off loans to go to college which can be messy since students must pay off money to loans every month for 20-25 years depending on when they started. Not every student is rich, some students are very smart but are unable to pay off the money that colleges ask for.

The College prices have increased by $6,000 in the U.S since 1980. Imagine having to be a parent who has to pay $9,000 for their kid to enroll for their 1st year in college and then pay $9,000 more until for their next year and so on until they graduate. The point is with free college it could make life so much easier for students, they could actually get lifetime jobs easier, live a happier life knowing they got into college for free and how stressful and difficult it would have been if they ended up having to pay all that money. College tuition being free would help parents save their money so they can feed their children and lend them a hand with other situations that require money in the future instead of spending it all on College.


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