Having a Sufficient College

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Having a sufficient college education has become one of the main prerequisites in our modern society. Many students are focusing on their education and are trying to achieve exemplary grades. Education opens up a world of opportunities for career paths and a successful future. In today’s society, funding college education has become very challenging. The debate between whether or not college should be free is highly controversial, which is why laws have not changed.

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“Having a Sufficient College”

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There are numerous reasons why college tuition should be subsidized by the U.S. government. Through a more educated population, many issues regarding both society and economy can be resolved through cooperation. Allowing students of all income levels to have access to free college can lead to not only a more educated society, but a more content one as well, facilitating the lives of all. Waiving or reducing the cost of college tuition is essential in increasing the rate of education globally. Having free college tuition aids those who are in need of financial assistance. Especially with college becoming a lot more expensive than it was decades ago, many people may not have access to enough money to pay the fees that most colleges require. Many times, financial aid is still not sufficient, and people are dissuaded to attend college, fearing a financial burden. Using student loans leaves students with debt to be paid for after they have completed college, which for the individual, increases stress levels and causes an unnecessary burden. Individuals should be able to begin their lives after college without concerns about past financial issues.

For instance, student-athletes may receive scholarships, through free education, more people would be able to attend college without the burden of worrying about paying back student loans. According Keith Ellison’s article, The argument for tuition free college, the costs of attending a four-year college has gone up drastically. It has gone up by more than one thousand percent since 1978. Free college tuition helps to provide equal opportunities for everyone despite their financial backgrounds. Lacking free education may lead to increased use to loans, which later on results in debt early on in life. Another idea of great significance is that free tuition can lead to the growth of a more well-educated population. It also helps to push and encourage students to work harder to be able to share their knowledge with the world, further pushing them to aim for higher grades.

Through a more educated population, better decision making will be seen in all classes of society. People will be able to make educated choices if they know the benefits of each choice and can choose wisely. With a well-educated population, cooperation of people to resolve tough challenges will be far more common. For example, if there is a problem with climate change and saving the environment, people with sufficient knowledge may be able to come together to help come up with a solution to combat this problem. Providing students with a free education would create an ideal society, despite their current economic background. Due to pressures from family and friends, majority of students feel obligated to attend college in order to do well in the future. In fact, it is believed that those with a higher level of education do lead happier, successful lives. It becomes complex when those who are not born into a financially stable family are unable to obtain education to better their lives. Students worrying too much about their financial need creates a lot of unnecessary stress, while they could be concentrating on their studies.

Furthermore, college tuition fees generally contain non-essential extracurricular expenses that are still required to be paid, therefore creating unequal opportunities which will not benefit the education levels of the society as a whole. The solution to this problem would be none other than the idea of free education. That way, everyone would be given the same opportunities to expand their knowledge and follow the career paths they desire. It should be noted that providing students with free education will make the nation happier as a whole. Giving students free college education enables people to have more time to contribute to hobbies they love, venture out to new ideas or talents, and pursue the type of live they want.

Free college tuition allows students to explore and expand on their personal interests despite their financial situations. Students would have more time to educate themselves as well as get sufficient amount of sleep. They would not need to worry about their financial situations or other issues relating to their own education and would be better prepared for their classes and be able to openly pursue their interests. Students being given an education is a very crucial component in our country. All students should be qualified for free college tuition for an abundance of reasons. Free college tuition can help those in financial needs. It can lead to the growth of a more well-educated population. Lastly, it would make a nation happier as a whole because there can be a growth in equality among students. Free college tuition is a great plan that should be incorporated. It would be a unsurpassable idea that would allow students of all income level have access to free college, which leads to a more educated and content society.

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