Chinese Canadians in Canadian History

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It is amazing that to Use a time machine to go back and see the history. This Chinese Canadians in Canadian history will help you to know deeper about the history.

Table of contents Travel Guide to Chinese Canadians in Canadian History [bookmark: OLE_LINK1]Pre-19th century: At first, about 120 Chinese workers who have a bargain with fur trader, came to Nootka Sound. Then came fifty workers, they are the first group of Chinese Canadians who settled in Canada. The reason of this is that a captain called John Meares brought them to Canada and they built a place to do some trading about sea otter’s fur and he just need to pay them a little bit salary. At that time, most of Chinese Canadians came to Canada because they wanted more money and jobs, so they were honest to the boss who paid them money.

As the result, listen to the boss is the only way to stay at the foreign. As one word, if you want to be a Chinese Canadians during this time, you should be hard working, and listen to the captain who called John Meares. Because we were working for them and we needed to make sure they were satisfied with our work, and then we can get a little bit money. And your job is that build a fort, dockyard and a sailing ship. After that, some of Spaniards took Chinese to Mexico and then they lost their identities. At one word, if you go to this period to be a Chinese, you will not have some rights about yourself, you just a working machine that be paid a little salary. It is a difficult time for Chinese.[image: ] The period of Gold Rush: In 1858, here was an activity called Gold Rush, this is the first time that so many Chinese been in the Colony of Vancouver Island and this is a steady immigration. This activity impetus for men in china to immigrate. Because European colonists needed the help from workers.

As the result, if you go to some maps and bay, you can see the description about the gold ore with high colorful. But most of these Chinese immigrants were man who didn’t have some skills about this, they just want to earn some money for their family to make it better. These immigrants have dark color skin and unique clothing like Chinese rags. They were peaceful and modest, also hard-working. But also, many people who were white came here too, like entertainers and businessman. At this area, some of Chinese skills were better than others, we always have many methods to take the gold out quickly and better.

But you should know, if you were a gold miner, you should not allowed to work on the gold before white miners finish their work. So they just want to pay attention to some area that miners were impatient and give up. They use some fire and power of water, to make the gold to become liquids. Then make it had a shape like square. As the result, Chinese were treated better than before, and many Chinese miners were successful in this area. However, some of Chinese don’t want to join in the gold rush, they want to find a job. Because they are hard-working, so they would like to get some dirty job. Chinese were popular because we were the best power of working, we will not pay attention to salary of the jobs, bur if there has, Chinese will choose the higher one. Maybe during that time, the only thing that in Chinese mind is working. So during this time, we were the important or popular role in Canadian history. But we still wear the cloth that made by coarse, at least it is better than early one, it was more professional and neat. To be a Chinese at this moment, when you get your money that you earned in your work or from the gold rush, you can sent it to your families, and many families life become better.

This period shows the good relationship between Chinese and some others in Canada. Because Chinese salary are cheaper than white. So as the result, Canadian thinks Chinese dark skin give a excitement to Canada, they like Chinese. But after a few years, Chinese be treated worse. There are many reasons, one of is the gold mines were lesser and lesser. Many miners get the gold that lesser than they want. Suddenly, Chinese become some of white’s enemy.

Chinese social position linear decrease.  The period of CPR project: Then, in 1881, many Chinese immigrants joined the project of Canadian Pacific Railway. It was a huge and difficult project about connecting the road around the world. At this time, some workers who were Chinese immigrants will be discriminated, and they were given some more dangerous job and less money. The reason that so many Chinese came to this work because the numbers of worker in BC is not easy to find. Also, the project was difficult, many Chinese died of sickness without funerals. Most of body were buried into the railway. Even though, they didn’t have enough money to go back to China, they can only live in the bad place and have a job that is treated poorly. It shows the bad treat of Chinese by Canadians with contempt and disregard. Chinese people are just working machines. They can only wear the old rags. The government employ Chinese and call them ‘coolies.’ If you are one of coolies, you need to prepare your cloth, food and medical care. You need to do the most difficult work.

Chinese is one of the most important role in this railway, 20th Century: Then, the Head Tax Act started in 1923, at that time, Chinese needed to pay a high tax to make sure they immigrate, so Chinese Canadians needed to work harder and harder, to earned the money that they can stay in Canada. Some of them are rich and they can buy the best suit to wear, but some of them just like before, the rag. From here, Chinese started to lose the rights of citizenship, also the right to vote. In 1902, Canadian Prime Minister found that Chinese were still paying attention to immigrate, so they wanted something to stop them. The Prime Minister raised the price of Head Tax. But this just a short stop, Chinese started to save money to pay it. On a night of September 27 In 1907, a league use the slogan ‘ White Canada Forever’ to represent they didn’t want any Asian immigrate to their country. At first, they held a small rally to call everyone built a white Canada together, don’t let any yellow people immigrate in Canada.

Then they broke Chinese house and jobs. Many Chinese Canadians were hit, and Chinese Canadians fought back with bottles and sticks. Over the next few days, Chinese resident were deleted the rights of citizenship. But the federal government found that the Head Tax can’t stop Chinese immigration, so they passed the Chinese immigration Act. That shows Canada banned the immigration of Chinese, this is very unfair for us.

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