Sudanese Eid Customs and Chinese Festivals and Celebrations

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Sudan is An Islamic Country so there are two main big celebration around all Sudan parts and these are Eid AL-fitr and Eid Al-Adha . Eid AL-fitr which Also known as smaller Eid in comparison to Eid AL-Adha (the greater Eid). Eid AL-fitr marks the end of Ramdan (the fasting month) . It is a three days celebration throughout this period muslims recite the (Takbir).

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“Sudanese Eid Customs and Chinese Festivals and Celebrations”

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Muslims Tradition’s in Eid Al-fitr differ from country to another but Also muslims sharing some common costumes.In Sudan, Eid AL-fitr is distinguished ,sudanese people starting the day by attending the early morning special Eid prayer (salah Al-Eid) which is performed in very large aggregations in open area or in mosques. It consists of two rakaa followed by khutbah and duaa asking for absolutions. Then people start sharing greetings and visit relatives, neighbors and friends.Sudanese peoples are keen to breakfast together on public streets. Breakfast includes different traditional delicious meals most popular what is known locally as ( Tagalya ,Aseeda). Also people organize family trips at the Nile ,open garden and farms.

In China ,muslims in Eid Al- fitr perform Eid prayer and then listen to the Eid sermon from Chinese imam then start exchange visits between family, friends and relatives, clean and decorate houses, wear new clothes. Also they pay particular attention to visit the graves of their relatives, where they read verses from the Koran and clean the graves and put rice and wheat on them.

Eid Al- Adha or another name Festival of Sacrifice”” or “”Greater Eid “” is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishmael as an act of obedience to God. It falls on the 10th day of the month of Zo El-Hijja of the lunar Islamic calendar. It is four day celebration. Sudanese people have their special method for preparation of sheep parts to eat. At first usually the sheep slaughtered at the front of the house door followed by skinning and cutting. Then women start divide the sheep parts ,usually they used to give some parts ? known locally as Koum) to poor people and the rest cooked in different way for the family member. Most popular local meal what is know as (kammonia) which include sheep intestine, liver ,spleen lungs and gallbladder). Also people in Sudan prepare a special beverage few days before Eid Al- Adha ,that what know locally as (Sharboot), it is very delicious beverage helps digestion.

The Muslims of China celebrate Eid by offering congratulations to each other and exchanging visits after performing Eid prayers in mosques and preparing food such as grilled lamb .

One of the Chinese custom A game in which people ride the horse and then race at full speed towards a group of sheep to pick up one quickly and skill without falling from the back of the horse, and repeat this until the game ends by declaring victory. The family gathers around it and then begins to read Quran verses for about five minutes, after which the head of the family or the imam of the mosque slaughters the lamb.

Other important celebration in Sudan is ?Almwlid Alnabwy ) it refers to birthday celebration of the prophet Muhammad which occurs on the third month in the lunar calendar. In which there are many different religious gathering ( sofiyaa ways) each one has it is own way of celebration as ( Madeh and Zeker ) . Also there are special sweets prepared and sell for visiter .

In China there are many traditional festivals . Most important one is spring festival which marks starting of Chinese lunar new year . In this special day as part of celebrations Chinese people prepare delicious jiaozi . As part of costume dragons dance and lions dance were presented .

Another famous Chinese festival is Yuanxiao fest (lanterns fest) which occurs on 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month. As part of traditions families arrange reunions , display lanterns and eating Yuanxiao, which is small pancake bobbles made of glutinous rice flour. Another important celebration is Qingming fest which refers to clear and shining.It is special day for dead blacksmiths.It occurs in early April at the beginning of warm weather. Kite flights are presented usually as part of Chinese people customs.

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