Against same Sex Marriage

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What if you didn’t see your parents for your whole life because you were some say “different”? My mother’s cousin is very religious. She has two kids of her own that are both gay. One of her son’s wedding was a couple of months ago, and the parents didn’t appear. I could never see my parents not going to my own wedding. My mother put a picture of the wedding on her cousin’s refrigerator. Two days after they took the picture down. I believe that the parents haven’t communicated with their sons for at least a year. I talk to my parents on a regular basis I couldn’t believe not talking to them for a whole year. This has been a very big problem recently in the United States. Should same-sex marriage be legal? The United States already made it legal in 2015 but there is a lot of controversy between it being legal. Still today the gay rights movement is still going on. The gay rights protest is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. The movement is based on equal rights, that started in 1969. Some people think that same-sex marriage is a sin and it’s against their religion and for marrying the same gender and they won’t be going to heaven when they die. But then others believe they have their own freedom to marry who they want to.

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“Against same Sex Marriage”

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According to “27% approval of gay marriage in 1996 to 60% in 2015, the year it became legal throughout the United States, to 67% in 2018.” As you can see after it being legal more people accepted the fact that people can marry the same gender but there is still almost half of the United States people that don’t believe in same-sex marriage. This topic seems like a problem today and I didn’t know a lot about it, so this is why I wanted to look further into the topic. Same-sex marriage started becoming a big problem with Baker vs. Nelson. According to the Constitutional Law reporter “In 1972, the Court ruled that a Minnesota same-sex couple had no constitutional right to marry. The importance of the precedent established in Baker v. Nelson will be one of the many issues the Supreme Court will have to address when it considers the legality of California’s Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.” The Supreme Court didn’t allow the two men from Minnesota to get married. Their decision was only one sentence stating “The appeal is dismissed for want of a substantial federal question.” That was all said without any of the Justices saying an explanation for their decision. This truly impacted America. It was one of the big starts with a lot of protesters.

Today same-sex couples have all the rights that opposite-sex couples have, but it took a lot of years to get it this way. The “Pink Triangle” was the main event that happened in history with homosexuals. According to “During World War II, the Nazis held homosexual men in concentration camps, branding them with the infamous pink triangle badge, which was also given to sexual predators.” So Hitler wasn’t just against the Jewish, he was against all homosexuals. That’s all history, but are people still today against same-sex marriage? “I felt different from everyone else,” says Zach, a family friend. I interviewed him about his perspective on same-sex marriage. This is what he says, “I personally wasn’t protesting but I wanted to. There was a feeling of inferiority and I didn’t think it was an equal right. I think people still are against same-sex marriage but there is only more time to get better. I had never had outright, or negativity, but I kinda thought that some people were talking behind my back. but I knew I was accepted by my family.

The reality of it is most people are attracted to another gender, but my whole life I was attracted to men and I feel it was just different for people to think of me because I’m not like them.” As you can see Zach is gay but he hasn’t had any hurtful things against him. Though he still feels that there is a lot of people that still have hatred towards same-sex marriage, and there is still a lot more time that it can get better. According to “The concept of ‘traditional marriage’ has changed over time, and the definition of marriage as always being between one man and one woman is historically inaccurate.” In history, it was made that the man marries a woman. But from time to time it’s changed with people’s beliefs. Many religions don’t believe in same-sex marriage. For instance, I am a Catholic and we are taught not to be gay and to marry the opposite gender. Yet we aren’t supposed to harm those who are gay and accept them, but just not believe it. My Mom’s cousin is a strong Catholic.

She says in the bible they do not tolerate same-sex marriage and that they should follow the rules. They believe God created Adam and Eve to show that the opposite sex should get married. Some religions believe that if you are gay, you should be killed. According to, “37 percent of Catholics don’t believe in same-sex marriage.” That is a little under half the amount of Catholics that don’t believe and support gay marriage. Furthermore, says the biggest fight against same-sex marriage is that “It isn’t natural.” As a result, they state “Violation of the ‘natural order.’ At this level of the debate, there is a very little exploration of the inherent validity (or otherwise) of same-sex marriage but rather a fixation on the notion that homosexuality is unnatural: ‘It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,’ the opponent’s quip.” You see the biggest controversy over same-sex marriage is that they should be like “normal” people, they should marry the opposite sex. But does this reason overpower peoples human rights? Do you believe it isn’t right for people to marry the same sex or do you look beyond that and accept everyone?

Many religions believe it isn’t normal and people were made to marry the opposite sex. But does an opinion overcome peoples basic rights? After investigating this piece I believe that people should be who they want to be. I think that this controversy is just like white people against black people. It’s one side of people believing its wrong to not be like them. But I disagree and I believe that they can marry who they want if they are happy. Although same-sex marriage is legal, I feel there is only time to have people be more and more comfortable and acceptable to same-sex marriage. But I still wonder how this controversy is going to get better. How will people accept same-sex marriage? If anyone wants to get more involved, you can look further into this topic by searching up more articles on this topic, or you could even protest.


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