Same Sex Marriage Pros and Cons

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Same sex marriages is a very important issue to me even though, I am not lesbian/gay. I have always hated how they were treated because of what they like. Who knew liking someone would be a crime to other people. In my opinion it’s not my business, there for I don’t really see it as a problem. Our country did not handle the situation correctly with gay marriages but as a result the united states legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. It may be legal now, but there is still so much hate in this world against people who are attracted to the same sex. In my opinion people should just leave it along because its not a problem and its defiantly not a problem that concerns them.

People are just people and is the number one important reason why we are all equal. There are so many homophobes that exist and say that it is a sin to be the way they are. What they don’t relies is, when you decide to hurt and be mean to these people who like the same sex, its pointless and you are no better than them now. It hurts to see people do these things to others, especially if this god people talk about loves everyone and is forgiving. There is so much hate in this world and I am sick of it. A few weeks ago, there was an incident that happened to Jussie Smollett from the show “Empire”. He was recently attacked and given multiple burns from acid being thrown on him for being gay. He was such a humble person who was mistreated about something that doesn’t hurt nor affect other people. Moral of the story, everyone should learn to mind their own business.

On the other hand, there are a lot more people who are for gay marriages by supporting their holiday and allowing them to be themselves. I’m not saying everyone must support it but the way you feel should be kept to yourself at least. There is something called freedom of speech and I understand that but to an extent it is harassing people. I mean am I right or wrong. People needs to start respecting other people’s privacy and start to understand what it truly means to like the same gender. When you support it, it doesn’t make you a horrible person to make people feel good about themselves. Take the time to truly understand it before you start to judge a person you don’t know. There are situations where a store will not let someone who is gay or lesbian buy any of their goods or even shop period.

Does being gay cause problems to society or the people in a political way. Few people believe that allowing gay couples to get married could weaken the institution of marriage”. I strongly disagree on that. No one knows the origin of marriages but never has there been a saying certain genders could marry. Its always been vows of the loved ones who were marring one another. There are no rules to marriage in any for of way except religious purposes. Religious people are the main ones targeting these people and if you think about it the bible might state that its wrong, but it never said anything about retaliation. Violence has never been the key to stopping gay marriages and never will be. One day people will learn how to accept others that they may not agree with.

Lots of people really don’t know that its not your choice to be gay but, its more of something you can not help. There are people who know that it may be wrong and denies being gay but still can’t help but to be attracted to the same gender. You could literally have always been a homophobe and still develop an attraction to the same sex. It’s a deep desire that cannot be helped. There have been many cases where a person may think they are confused but in reality, is scared to accept themselves. People need to stop the criticism be cause lots of them feel like something is wrong with them and that is not ok.

Many people believe that a father and mother should be present in a child life. I can say a child does need a mother and a father to understand the roles and to have the chance to have both figures. Girls who are raised without a father tent to have a higher chance at getting pregnant as a teen. It seems like things like not having a father or mother figure around would not change a thing but in reality, it does. I am not saying that I am against gay marriages because of this but the facts are true. In my opinion, the children will grow up without a father and mother and start to lack some of the traits you get when you have both. My father was never really around and I can tell I lack a few traits my friends with both parents have but it is not major. Honestly, its not a big deal I turned out fine, so they should to. All the other problems that are caused by this like teen pregnancy is caused by lack of discipline by the parents. Gender should not matter, or same sex couples are not at fault.

A group of people in society says, “why do they have to get married, isn’t that a bit much”. People need to know what’s going on or why they get married. There are benefits that comes with marriage like if someone have a special healthcare and they can add their spouse. It is just very convenient to just be married verses not being marry but wanting to because you’re not able to. Its situations like this that makes it hard to ignore because we are all just people who are just trying to get past in life. People who have major concerns about gay marriages makes others life harder than what it must be. One day this world will see all truths and when that day come, everyone will be woke.

Lastly, I want to share my opinion on the struggles of citizens who are gay/lesbian in America. America is not a welcoming country, but a lot of people are supportive, but things will happen to people who may be a little different. We are very judgmental of all types of people like immigrants and now people who like the same sex. It has always been like this though, it goes back to the 1800s if I’m correct. Long ago, people were evil enough to kill because of liking or doing something inappropriate to the same sex. I can say it has gotten a whole lot better sense than but this all could have gone a lot smoother than it did. In other countries I can say it may be even harder, mainly in japan. Japan has not passed any gay marriage laws yet but I truly believe they will eventually.

In conclusion, I am defiantly not against gay marriage but I’m not supporting it either, it’s simply not my business. People just need to mind their own business and do not interfere with other people’s affairs, especially them. They have been through the most so cut them some slack at least. This topic can go on and on with lists of pros and cons of gay marriage but none of these concern us, only them. Who are we to tell someone who to be and who not to be. It’s a disgrace to society and who we are supposed to be. Everyone plays a role in society but, in the end its all opinion after opinion, never facts. Get a clue people! 

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