Money and Marriage in Pride and Prejudice

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Taking place around the early 19th century, the story presents itself with the Bennets, who have five unmarried daughters that a searching for a candidate to be their husband. Money is the deciding factor for their marriage, so when a rich bachelor named Mr. Bingley arrives into their neighborhood and begins to show affection to the oldest Bennet sister named Jane, the motions of drama are set.

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“Money and Marriage in Pride and Prejudice”

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However, despite Mr. Bingleyr’s strong first impressions on everyone, he is accompanied by his ruthless sisters and his friend, Mr. Darcy, who does not want to see Mr. Bingley succeed and marry. Mr. Bingley continues to fall deeper in love with Jane, while Jane does not show her true feelings to Mr. Bingley despite advice given to her to show them. As well, Mr. Darcy also begins to become fascinated with Elizabeth despite his arrogance and sternness towards Elizabeth. Mr. Collins is the next bachelor met, and is going to inherit the estate after Mr. Bennet dies. He decided that it would be fate for a marriage between him and one of the daughters to keep the estate within the family. Mr. Collins has a strong attraction to Elizabeth, who definitely does not like him in the slightest. Up next on the bachelor list is the military officer named Mr. Wickham who becomes friends with Elizabeth after explaining an entire story on how Mr. Darcy completely destroyed his life.

Drama, as promised, begins to kick into overdrive when the Bennet girls go to a Netherlands ball. In a span of twenty four hours, the ball features Darcy asking Elizabeth for a dance, Mr. Collins proposing to Elizabeth (and being denied), Elizabethr’s good friend Charlotte instead taking her spot as Mr. Collins fiancee, and Jane gets broken up over a letter by Mr. Bingleyr’s sister. Jane, to get over her broken heart, and Elizabeth, to see her newly married friend Charlotte, travel to London together to stay with their aunt and uncle. Mr. Darcy meanwhile also travels to London to visit his aunt and meets up once again with Elizabeth. Darcy, who is somewhat eager to see Elizabeth once again, decides it is the perfect moment to propose to her. Elizabeth previously learned that Mr. Bingley was going to ask Jane to marriage before Mr. Darcy got involved, and therefore did not take the arrogant bachelorr’s hand in marriage. Mr. Darcy decides to clear the air the next day and gives her a letter which explains Wickhamr’s crimes and how Darcy believed that Jane was only in the relationship for the money.

Elizabeth, with her aunt and uncle, take a trip down to Derbyshire and visit Darcyr’s Pemberley estate, where Darcy was gratefully out of town during. Not only did the housekeeper have kind words to say about Darcy, but when Darcy arrived home early, he was completely the opposite as he was before as he was filled with manners and respect. Meanwhile, Lydia and Wickham run away together and that situation had the potential to ruin the familyr’s reputation. However, after Lydia and Wickham are found, it is discovered that Darcy had protected their familyr’s reputation by paying off Wickhamr’s debts with the small price of having Wickham marry Lydia. Finally, Elizabeth and Darcy walk alone and decide to start anew and mutually agree to marry.

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