Why the Government should Promote Marriage

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According to Paul R Amato, it is important for the government to strengthen the marriages. This paper will compare and contrast the arguments on why the government should strengthen the marriage relationships. To begin with, children who are elevated by the constantly married parents in a strong marriage have a chance of rising into well-balanced adults. Children’s who grows up with both of their parents married have better live as compared to other children’s who have different forms of the family. The children’s whose their parents have different family structure experiences the following disadvantages , they are likely to be poor, in the standardized tests they score lower, in the schools they score poor grades, they have high possibility to drop out of schools, they are likely to suffer from depression symptoms, they experience lower self-worth and lastly children have peer problems.

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“Why the Government should Promote Marriage”

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When they grow to adults such children are likely to experience; high unemployment, the may incline to less revenue, they are expected to get low-status jobs, they are less likely to attend colleges, they may end up having non marital births, are likely to have weak ties to their parents and lastly they may end up their marriages ending to the divorce. Although some of the differences are caused by the difference in the family structure there is variation in some of the children. Some of the children brought up in a continuously married parent may also end up being poorly adjusted adult well-being. This means there are other factors affecting children wellbeing. The relationship between children and parents also affect the development of the child. That is why children with good parent structure may end up having poor adjusted adult life. Secondly, minority of the children in US grow in a constantly and positively married family. This is because a majority of the marriages in the United States are involved in the divorce.

The divorce rate in the United States is high. Most of the children born are from non-marital births outside the marriage. Half of the couples live together during the time of bearing the child in a romantic setup. Those who are married are constantly involved in the conflicts. This affects the wellbeing of the children as they may end up developing depression symptoms and non-marital births at their adult age. This signifies why it is important to have a continuously married parent for the better comfort of the children. In United States, even if children grow up in an environment with unceasingly wedded parents, the environment is not conducive for their growth due to conflicts among the parents. Minority of the marriages in United States have a peaceful continuously married family. Due to this majority of the children in United States grows in a setup either in a no married family or married with a lot of conflicts making the environment not conducive to the growth of the children. Moreover, there are well-evaluated methods enhancing improved marital quality and stability.

For the children to grow into adjustable good adult wellbeing they need a two coupled marriage which is not involved in the conflicts. The federal government is being involved in providing relationship and marriage education. In the United States, the education has been in existence for centuries which have been providing information about marriage and relationships. The government provides marriage education which improves communication among the couples, teaches about conflict solving skills, how to moral support between wife and husbands and teaching the skills for strengthening commitment in relationships. The research has shown that the couples who are involved in premarital education before marriage have a low probability of becoming divorced. This will lead to such families having strong children rearing habits. The children will develop to a wellbeing children. The families who have not undertaken premarital education will have children who have problems in their good beings. To the contrast, although education has been there for last two decades there are a lot of divorces in the United States. The government is nowadays interested in the maximization of the chances that children may develop into well-functioning wellbeing in future by maintaining marriages. It is the responsibility of the state to make sure that children are well risen.

The government then comes up with the different programs that support the children. Children protective service, provision of the child cash through TANF and child insurance program are some of the government programs protecting the children. These programs enable the families to have an efficient taking care of the children in regardless of whether the families consist of continuously married partners or not. Although such government programs are in existence, the children are suffering from poor wellbeing due to the structure of the family that they exist. The government should make sure that such programs enhance better wellbeing of all the children in regardless of their family structure. The government has invested its funds in the various current evaluation studies to enhance the well-being of the children. The variations in the family building have enabled the management of the children in the United States to fund three of the marriage demo projects. One of the projects is for supporting strong marriages through training those involved in relationships and marriages. The building of the strong family programs for families with low incomes and unmarried couples.

This program provides training to children and parents on their relationships. Lastly, community health marriage is a government program where marriages are educated on the importance of the healthy marriages to the growth of the children. All these programs are geared towards finding the program enabling the probability of the children of growing in a healthy and two parent families structure. Such programs are important since them leads to determining the environment which enhances the wellbeing of the children without problems. Frank F. Furstenberg, had the following arguments about why the government should promote marriage. First, the single parents in the US are common and they affect the wellbeing of children negatively. Secondly, children grow worse in nuclear families. Thirdly, the government initiates programs for protecting the children from mistreatment during a process of growing up in single parented families. Again, he argues about premarital education which enhances families to remain in harmony for the wellbeing in the growth of the children. Moreover, the government should invest in programs that can enhance management of harmonious married relationships as enhancing the wellbeing of the children. Nevertheless, the government should encourage and support the marriages so that the parents can support the wellbeing of the children. To conclude, both Amato and Furstenberg have the common argument on how the government can provide the well-being of the children in a given society. The key point is by enhancing marriages among the adults so that they may work in process of growth and wellbeing young people.

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