Chicky in the Pot

Chickens originate from East Asia and India. Chickens started as Red Junglefowl/Gallus Gallus. In East Asia and India there are bamboo plants that rarely sprout fruit. The Red Junglefowl adapted to this abundance of food and laid eggs profusely during the time of the bamboo fruit. Most of the eggs would hatch. Since food is usually scarce; the Red Junglefowl took advantage of this abundance of food to multiply its species. The people of East Asia and India used the Gallus Gallus/Red Junglefowl ( chicken’s ancestors) for entertainment. The chickens ancestors (Gallus Gallus/Red Junglefowl) had spurs on their feet. Modern day chickens don’t have spurs. Male Red Junglefowl fought over females with the spurs on their feet. Which people from East Asia and India thought was entertaining.

One of the first thing is having a farm raise adult chickens. After seperating good laying chickens with good meat chickens and good mother chickens. The meat chickens will be hung by their feet on a rack. Necks are slit and the chickens are gone. This process isn’t over yet the chickens need to be defeathered, beheaded, and degutted.

Before the chicken gets to your table the fat doesn’t just disappear. Someone has to get rid of fat. True, stores do sell “non-fat” chicken but chickens are not entirely fat free. Chicken are not very fatty but still there is some fat on chicken meat. Usually machines will slice off chunks of fat. But that method resorts to losing most meat. Companies still leave some fat, because some customers like eating some fat. Since there will always be at least some fat or gristle. Most families like to eat chicken without much fat at all. Those families don’t have to buy extra expensive no fat chicken. All those families just need to read this paragraph. To trim chicken meat make sure you have a sharp knife or scissors first. Tug at a flap and cut it with whichever thing you are using to cut. If using a knife lean the knife toward the fat flap. If not you will end up with little amounts of meat.

Stop That Chicken

  • Still someone has to cook the chicken. Most of the the time your parents cook it.
  • Next time you eat chicken stop and think what the chicken has gone through before coming to your table.
  • Chicken – Is a domesticated fowl. Closely related to the jungle fowl. ( See below ) Scientific name : Gallus gallus domesticus.
  • East Asia – East Asia is China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.
  • India – Place next to the East Asian boundaries. ( See Above)
  • Red Junglefowl/Gallus Gallus – From the family Phasianidae. Gallus Gallus is the scientific name for the Red Junglefowl. The class is Aves. The Red Junglefowl is the main ancestor of the chicken. ( See Above )
  • Nutrients – A thing that provides nourishment essential for growth and the meaning of life.
  • Protein – Protein is the main creator of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Without protein we would die. Hair and nails are made of cartilage which is made with protein.
  • Gristle – found as tough inedible tissue in meat.
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