Pro-Veganism Research Essay

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One might avoid consumption of animal products for spiritual reasons or because of the other well-known reasons (health issues). If a person involves themselves with animal products in an edible or wearable way, you’re combining your body with the dead, which essentially has no constructive outcome. To remain pure, one must avoid dead flesh or skin from animals.

Some would not be able to survive without eating any animal products in their diets, such as, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, and honey. For vegans, however, this is a typical way of life. Vegans are frequently misinterpreted as either people who have eating disorders, or an have unnatural passion for animal rights. It is time for people to recognize that veganism, a challenging yet rewarding lifestyle, goes way further than being skinny or caring for animals.

Veganism can be extremely advantageous to anyone who adapts it as a way of life and has many different subsidies that come along with it. At one point in time, veganism appeared problematic due to the lack of essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins in the diet. For the duration of a study among the 15 meat-eaters, only two individuals could hold out their arms for fifteen to thirty minutes; however, among the 32 vegetarians, 22 persons held out their arms for fifteen to thirty minutes, 15 persons for over thirty minutes, 9 persons for over one hour, 4 persons for over two hours, and one vegetarian held his arms out for over three hours. (What the health documentary) Some health benefits that come along with being a vegan consist of lower cholesterol levels, higher energy levels, weight loss, and even a longer life. After just two weeks on a low-fat vegan diet, most people lose weight and feel more energized. Other natural benefits that come along with this lifestyle are healthy skin, reduction of body odor, healthier hair and nails, elimination of bad breath, alleviation of allergies, and relief from migraines. (What the health documentary)

Through eating a healthy, disciplined, vegan diet and having higher levels of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins many popular diseases among people can be prevented such as cardiovascular disease, type one/two diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and even specific types of cancer. Heart disease has been effectively reversed through programs that include an exclusive vegan diet. Devoted to their work, Dr. Dean Ornish, the founder and president of the non-profit Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, the president of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons both utilize the vegan diet in order sustain a healthier lifestyle. Together both doctors have run studies that support the veganism diet. Dr. Ornish has come up with “Ornish Diet” that essentially supports vegans and vegetarians. This diet accompanied with exercise has reduced stress and has helped people lose weight. (Ornish Diet).

Essentially if you compare a vegan diet to an omnivorous or vegetarian diet, vegans come out on top. Given that just about 25% of American adults suffer from a mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or stress-related problems, wide-varying studies that explore the factors triggering to mood disorders and other mental illnesses often turn up some shocking data. One such study, published in Nutrition Journal in 2010, looked at the psychological health and mood of vegetarians and meat eaters. This study found that vegetarian study participants had healthier mood profiles, and were less likely to report depression, than study participants who ate meat.

An Additional study, also published in Nutrition Journal, examined a group of people who were day-to-day meat or chicken eaters, and then shifted to a vegan diet. In this study, the participants reported a better-quality mood and less stress after just two weeks on a vegan diet. The researchers who carried out the study indicated that the reason for the mood advances was due to the removal of long chain fatty acids from the participants intake, one called “arachidonic” acid, which is very abundant in meat and is linked with depressive symptoms. While this study was very short, at just two weeks, to produce convincing results, there is a highly suggest a link, especially since other characteristics of the diet can sway the mood. (Nutritional Journal)

The most valuable piece to the research process of veganism is the abuse and cruelty that animals must endure for cheap meat. The process and living environment for animals is disgusting and degrading. According to the (The Michigan law case study) researchers did a study on the Hallmark meat packing plant in New Jersey to study how chickens are raised and then processed for meat packaging. Chickens must endure misery that no living thing should have to go through. The egg laying chickens must -be compelled into tiny cages without enough room to stretch their wings. Up to 8 hens are crammed in to a cage that is the size of a folded newspaper.

The chickens are selectively farmed and are given special drugs in the food and water to make the chickens grow incredibly fast. Because of the breeding and medicines, a lot of the chickens develop leg problems which make it sometimes difficult to walk and stand so they either can’t get to the food or they can’t reach the water. Also, because of the ammonia in the feces, the chickens often get the skin on their stomachs are burnt and because the ammonia is so potent and they will just sear the feathers and skin. The ammonia is also in the atmosphere, so it is hard to breath and just think of what is in the chicken that you eat daily. When the chickens turn 7 weeks old, they are transferred to the slaughter house and are hung by their feet ,and put on conveyer belts and they go past a blade that is supposed to slit the chickens throat while conscious which is extremely painful but sometimes it skips so the chicken is tossed into boiling water alive and usually drowns while getting burnt. After that, the bodies are striped and decapitated and are cut up to be eaten. Due the way the way these chickens a bred and treated, there is no way it can be healthy eating the chickens, or the eggs. The chickens that you are eating are pumped full substances, so they are larger and richer, but it is obviously not natural for anything to eat these chickens. Plus, it is terribly cruel the way the chickens are processed and “appreciated”.

Based on my research veganism should be the standard way of living. People who are misled or ignorant to the lifestyle should do their research to maintain a healthy, long lasting life. Meat is the ultimate death trap to the human population. Everyone needs to be educated on this topic and understand what they’re putting in their bodies. Be in tune with your spirit and inner self, because that is what affects your outside appearance.

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