Chaos in Ecuadorian Soccer

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There are many kinds of problems associated with professional soccer. El Cl?sico del Astillero,a popular soccer match in Ecuador always attracts lots of spectators. However, those spectators do not always behave nicely. It’s common to see fights between fans. These fights and arguments between fans have resulted in many injured people. Crazy fans of soccer teams are difficult to control because they try to psychologically hurt the other teams and physically hurt other fans. Three solutions to stop fans from fighting at professional soccer matches would be to eliminate alcohol from the stadium, to register people when they enter, and to install cameras.

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“Chaos in Ecuadorian Soccer”

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The article Soccer Fan killed in Ecuador for Refusing to Share Beer,describes a case of soccer violence in Quito Ecuador.
A 26 year old fan died from a brain trauma because he didn’t share his beer. Another fan hit him and he then hit his head on the stands. Many fights at sporting events are initiated by drunk fans (Estrada). According to Dialogo Digital Ecuador Installs CCTV and Increases Police Patrols Reduce Violence at Soccer Games Military Magazinesome stadiums will not sell beer ten minutes before the game and during halftime. Additionally some stadiums will prohibit anyone who smells of alcohol to enter the game (Estrada). I believe alcohol should be banned from soccer stadiums in Ecuador.

Other solution to prevent violence is to register fans who cause violence to determine if certain fans are know to cause violence, those fans will be prohibited from attending future games (Estrada) I think that this will help prevent violence and professional soccer. In Ecuador installs CCTV and Increases Police Patrols to Reduce Violence at soccer Games Isabel Estrada mentions police in Quito Ecuador are making a database listing the names of violence fans. If stadiums have fans registered, they can watch them more carefully.
Closed- circuit television (CCTV) cameras are discussed in Ecuador Installs cctv and Increases Police Patrols to Reduce Violence at soccer Games as one other solution to soccer games rife with violence. CCTV can make fans feel safer and less worried about getting hurt in the stadium. Cameras allow security forces to monitor fans and help respond quickly to fights (Estrada). These cameras can help with getting evidence to violence. Maybe if there were cameras when the 26 year- old fan was killed in Quito at the soccer game authorities could penalize bad fans quicker.

In conclusion violence in soccer stadiums in Ecuador needs to stop. Many crazy fans start fights and even kill. Authorities are finding ways to fix this. Three solutions to stop fan violence is to not allow alcohol in stadiums, to register fans and to install cameras. Soccer is important to the Ecuadorian people, so everyone has to behave to enjoy the sport.

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