The History of Soccer

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Do different surfaces affect the way a soccer ball bounces?

Have you ever wondered if different surfaces affect the way a soccer ball bounces? Three types of turf (or surface) will be used to test the bounciness of a soccer ball. Energy and physics will be examined. Kentucky bluegrass, sand and artificial turf will be used to find out which surface allows the ball to bounce the most. Read more to discover the physics and energy of the soccer ball when dropped on different surfaces.

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“The History of Soccer”

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Soccer is played in many places in the world, it has been played for over three thousand years. In Europe and the Americas soccer is one of the most popular sports played. In China, during the second and third centuries people described soccer as, dribbling a leather ball into a small net. In 1815 soccer became popular in Schools and Universities. Soccer is called football in many places around the world. Throughout history, soccer has become one of the most popular sports in the world.

Soccer is a game played all around the world. The game is played in to teams of eleven. You use a round ball called soccer ball. The object of the game is to get the soccer ball down the field and kick it in the goal. You can not use your hands. The only person on the field who can use their hands is the goal keeper. This is the player who tries to stop the other team from scoring a goal. The team at the end of the game with the most goals wins. Soccer is a sport that can be played indoors or outside.

The game soccer is called football in most places around the world. But the word soccer is believed to have originated in Britain around 200 years ago. The sport became very popular in the U.S. Britain started to part from the term soccer because it had become too American. In the U.S the term soccer just stuck and everyone liked it.

As the sport grew, more rules were made. Teams could earn a penalty kick beginning in 1891. Referees began giving out red and yellow cards in 1970 during the World Cup finals. Yellow or red cards are given to a player for serious fouls or unsportsmanlike behavior. A player may receive a yellow card for things like delaying the game, breaking rules or subbing without the referee’s permission. Red cards come with things like violence, spitting, using nasty language or receiving a second yellow card in a game.

Soccer is a world renowned sport. Famous players come from places like Russia, Holland and Brazil. With the acception of the Olympics, the World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events viewed internationally. In 2010, more than three billion people watched at least part of the World Cup. Since 2006, the number of Americans participating in watching the World Cup has increased steadily. Locally, since 2015, Louisville, KY has enjoyed a Division 2 U.S. Soccer team called Louisville City. Just recently, the team made history by winning two conference championships in a row (2017/2018).

In summary, soccer is a sport enjoyed by all ages around the world. There are many rules of the game, including penalty calls. Soccer includes famous players from around the globe. Not only can soccer be played at any age, it is a sport that brings communities together to cheer on their favorite teams.

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