Change Management – Individual Assignment

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Change Management Individual Assignment Table of content Page Company introduction03 Presentation of collected information A brief description of change situation 04 The facts lead to the change05 The approach to the change06 Hazards identified at the work place06 Reasons for non – compliance to PPE06 Implementation 07 Challenges 08 Strengths 08 Weaknesses 09 Benefits09 Analysis and Discussion09 Conclusion 10 References 11   Company Introduction Asoka Glass & Mirror Company was established in 1946.Since then they supply and install glass and structural Glazing systems in Sri Lanka. Asoka Glass & Mirror Company works in a close proximity with many local and international construction companies. The policy of the company is to work hand in hand in cooperation with the Architectsand the Consultants. The company deals in all types of flat and curved glass namely Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Figured, Wired, Laminated, Tempered, Ceramic Frit, Self cleaning, Fire rated Bullet Proof, Night Vision and other types of Architectural Glass. Asoka Glass & Mirror Company is the pioneer of introducing Tempered glass in building construction in Sri Lanka and they are the one and only company in Sri Lanka that design, supply and install a tempered glass curtain wall. With 110 employees, the Company has achieved great performances over past decades. Vision To consolidate the legendary status as the pioneer in the national glass industry through innovation, customer service and product quality to international standards. The Objectives of the Company the objective of Asoka Glass & Mirror Company is to provide a one stop solution to customers on all types of glasses. The company assets are its superior Products and its professional knowledge and technical expertise in the industry. To further augment their position as a comprehensive solution provider, they have developed an expert team to provide design, supply and installation services in structural glass applications. Today they are widely recognized in the industry as the leading solution provider of high quality glass backed by their fast and responsive service. Their commitment in providing quality products and services has established them as the Market leader in the island. Products – :

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  • Tempered Glass
  • Safety Glass
  • Ceramic Frit Glass
  • Double Glaze Glass
  • Duratex
  • Terraglaz
  • Bullet Proof Glass
  • Opaci – Coat 300 Curved Glass
  • Vanceva
  • Sun Guard
  • Fire Rated Glass

. A brief description of the change situation Health and safety measures are undertaken to prevent many more injuries at work and to reduce the economic and social costs. During past 3 years, Asoka Glass and Mirror Company have introduced new Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) including high quality gloves, hand guards, boots and goggles. Any item of PPE imposes a barrier between the wearer and the working environment creating additional strains on the wearer; impair their ability to carry out their work and create significant levels of discomfort. Any of these can discourage wearers from using PPE correctly, therefore placing them at risk of injury and/or ill-health. Thus, they have conducted training sessions for the employees to educate them regarding the importance of using these equipments correctly at the work place to reduce exposure to hazards. The main aims of these changes are,

  1. To improve the Quality of life of the employees.
  2. To minimize the cost due to hazards.
  3. To gain high efficiency and effectiveness from the employees.
  4. To increase the productivity of the Company.

After introducing these new PPEs and after training the employees about correct and timely use of these equipments with tight supervision, the rate of injuries among the employees was reduced drastically. Further, the percentage of absenteeism per year was reduced and performance of the employees was greatly increased. Hence, the productivity and the yield of the company was improved. The facts lead to the change Although the Company has introduced some PPE earlier, it is found that most of the employees are not using them during working hours. The Management has identified that it has led to increased number of injuries among workers which directly related to number of absentees. Further, they have identified that the productivity of the Company is reduced and they were unable to gain maximal effectiveness from the employees due to this fact. As an example, Goggles for eye protection was the most challenging but most required PPE. Most of employees who experienced eye injuries in the past, haven’t been wearing eye protection at the time of the accident. It is found that thousands of workers in the World are blinded each year from work-related eye injuries that could have been prevented. The approach to the change They approached this matter in a stepwise basis. They analyzed the details on current situation of the company and identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the company. Before implementing the change, Human Resource (HR) Department planned the procedure to be done. They held a meeting and collected valuable ideas from the executives to implement this change successfully. After that, HR executives made the whole company aware about this change department wise. Then, they identified the hazards at the workplace. They interviewed a random number of employees covering each and every section to identify the reasons for non-compliance over Personal Protective Equipments. Afterward, they tried to address the challenges to non-compliance in a better way introducing high quality products with a tight supervision. Hazards identified at the workplace

  1. Injuries to eyes while handling glass products
  2. Injuries to body while handling, lifting or carrying glass products
  3. Injuries due to slipping or falling on the ground
  4. Injuries due to contact with moving machinery

Reasons for non-compliance to PPE The primary cause for non-compliance was workers consider that PPE are hard to use because they are uncomfortable, too hot, poorly fit, not available near work task, and looking unattractive. Further, it is time consuming to wear those equipments before work. In addition to that they have a perception that using PPE interferes with the ability to perform the job effectively. The employees consider more about the physical discomfort arisen when wearing these equipments. The strategies taken by safety managers to encourage greater PPE compliance were,

  1. Improving existing education and training programs
  2. Increased monitoring of employees
  3. Purchasing more comfortable PPE
  4. Purchasing more stylish PPE
  5. Tying compliance by individual performance evaluations
  6. Developing incentive programs.

Implementation When implementing the change, the following facts were taken into consideration.

  1. protection of workers
  2. compliance with applicable regulations and internal company standards
  3. technical feasibility

The Management considered the hazards, evaluated possible control methods, integrated various approaches, and reexamined them frequently to ensure a safe workplace. They have done evaluation, and reevaluation at various stages throughout the program. This required commitment and active participation of all employees including senior management, supervisors, and workers. The change was implemented carefully, methodically and introduced step wisely. First, the employees were encouraged to use PPE. The proper types of PPEs were selected considering the degree of protection required and the appropriateness of the equipments to the situation. Decisions were made based on thorough hazard evaluation, worker acceptance, types of PPE available and the cost. An individual fitting program was carried out by qualified personnel. The fitting with PPE to employees were checked on an individual basis. At the time of fitting, it is showed each worker how to wear and maintain PPE properly. They were trained on correct use of equipments and educated them regarding the benefits of using PPE. The time allowed for workers to wear new PPE was increased gradually. After 2 weeks from the date that the program is introduced, the use of PPE made a required condition of employment with tight supervision. Education programs were held on a regular basis to overcome objections to wearing it. Each problem was addressed on an individual basis. The changing program was monitored by inspection of the equipment and auditing of procedures. Challenges Main challengers of this implementation are;

  1. Although a number of employees accepted the new change and adapted to the new situation, a few employees looked towards these changes in a negative way. They considered that wearing new PPE is a nuisance and it reduces the effectiveness.
  2. Several disputes were taken place between the Management and employees regarding this matter.
  3. It was bit difficult to gather each and every employee for the training sessions where they were educated about PPE, their use and maintenance and health benefits of using them unless making the sessions compulsory for everyone.


  1. Human Resources department got fullest support from all the executives of the company to implement this program successfully.
  2. The support given by all the officers regarding good quality PPEs
  3. There was a good supervision team.
  4. Better horizontal level communication.
  5. Availability of trained personnel to conduct training sessions.

Weaknesses The main weakness was lack of knowledge of employees and the reluctance to accept the changes. Benefits

  1. Reduced absenteeism of the employees.
  2. Reduced expenditure for hazards management.
  3. High efficiency and effectiveness of the employees.
  4. Increased productivity of the Company.

Analysis and Discussion Asoka Glass and Mirror Company has implemented several strategies in order to familiarize the employees with PPE. According to the management of the company the highest resistance towards PPE was exhibited among the workers at the age above 45 years due to the traditional views of them. The management had to conduct several training programmes for the workers above the age of 45 years for them to realize the importance of PPE. Selection of more stylish and comfortable PPE had shown a significant influence towards changing of the employees at their late 20s. According to my point of view I feel that it will be more effective if the management can arrange small field visits for the workers to other companies who are currently using PPE which will allow them to share ideas with other employees who are familiar with PPE. Conclusion Implementation of a change management strategy should consider employees according to their ages, due to the variation of the attitudes with age. Making changes in the attitudes of the employees will be more effective than implementing strategies that will put rules and regulations for the employees.


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