An Assignment in Risk Management

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Risk Management Assignment Risk Management

Using the model identifies the following:

Main drivers of risk for the retail business Health and safety risks Hazard risks


This assignment has been presented in a group where all the points are divided within The group, so I have been allocated to explain Hazard and health and safety risk.

Hazard risks

There are different risks which can be occurred when the proper guidance is not given to the team members about hazards and its danger. They are: Risk of not having fire drills: Manager should be responsible to coach the team about how to handle the fire occurrence and how can it be avoided. If the manager neglects about the training it would be a life risk for the team member. There are some steps where manager should explain the team. They are:

  • Firstly, Manager should show the fire extinguishers to his team.
  • Now, explain which fire extinguisher is needed to stop the fire, this is the major part where the team has to know what fire extinguisher should be used for that particular fire.
  • Then, the team has to know the fire alarm switch where they can alert the rest of the team as well as calling for help.
  • Finally, the manager should show the checkpoint where to meet after coming out of the store.
  • Risk of not having regular electricity checkups:

Owner and Manager should take the responsibility to have the electrician to check the power supply and its equipment. This will take some money out of the owner pocket of Luna convenience store but in the long-run it will be very productivity. These checkups can protect the losses as well as helps in having smooth running of the store.

  • Risk of not having Natural Disaster drills:

This is the major hazard because New Zealand is earthquake prone country so each and every individual if he works or not need to know the procedure on how to escape from the earthquakes. Manager should appoint a team member as the captain for this drill and he should be expert about how to handle the drill. Now the procedure starts which having some safety checks like exit symbols, lifts, stairs etc. Once the team member knows this safety checks, the captain should perform a drill where it’s a procedure to check everything is properly working. i.e.

  • Alarms are working
  • Exit symbols
  • Check point to meet

(, 2014) Health and Safety Risks- A health and safety management system is characterized as a fusion of the management hierarchical game plans, including arranging and audit, the consultative courses of action, and the particular project components that consolidate to enhance health and safety execution. Particular project components incorporate peril distinguishing proof, hazard appraisal and control, foreman well being and safety, data and record keeping, and preparing. (, 2014) Four methodologies to health and safety management are distinguished from the discoveries of the writing on health and safety management frameworks and sorts of frameworks, and from the developing case proof. The four methodologies and their qualities are recognized beneath: • traditional management, where health and safety is coordinated into the supervisory part and the 'key persons' are the chief and/or any health and safety authority; representatives may be included, yet their association is not seen as basic for the operation of the health and health management framework, or then again a conventional health and trustees is set up. • innovative management, where management have a key part in the health and safety exertion; there is a large amount of combination of health and safety into more extensive management frameworks and practices; and representative association is seen as discriminating to framework operation, with systems set up to offer impact to a large amount of contribution. • a 'safe spot' control technique, which is cantered around the control of dangers at source through consideration at the outline stage and application of peril distinguishing proof, hazard appraisal and danger control standards. • a 'safe individual' control technique, which is cantered around the control of worker

  • These approaches are combined into the following four types of health and safety management system.
Innovative/safe person ‘Sophisticated behavioural’ Innovative/safe place ‘Adaptive hazard managers’
Traditional/safe person ‘Unsafe Act minimizes Traditional/safe place ‘Traditional engineering and design’
  • The cases with all the more exceedingly created health and safety administration frameworks are found to impart a reach of key recognizing qualities, incorporating those highlighted in the studies studied on health and safety administration framework viability. These cases are more inclined to:

• ensure health and safety obligations are recognized and known, incorporating obligations set out in health and safety enactment. • have senior chiefs taking a dynamic part in health and safety. • encourage chief association in health and safety. • have health and safety agents who are heartily and comprehensively included in health and safety administration framework action. •have powerful health and safety panels. •have an arranged methodology to risk distinguishing proof and danger evaluation. •give high necessity and predictable consideration regarding control of danger at source. •have an extensive methodology to working environment reviews and occurrence examinations. •have created buying frameworks.

  • The dissection of cases with restricted health and safety administration framework advancement uncovers the accompanying boundaries to enhanced health and health execution:

The absence of information by senior supervisors of health and safety standards, enactment and administration frameworks. •a restricted and receptive part for the health and safety manager regularly connected with constrained time, assets and backing to go to health and health, and frequently in the connection of the improvement of a more extensive part for the administrator in connection to quality administration. •Over-dependence on health and safety masters to drive health and health action without sufficient administration inclusion and backing. . Part -B

Health and safety policy


Health and safety policies aren’t taken seriously by the employees neither the employer nor the management. Thus, it is of utmost importance that senior management sets up a proper plan for the health and safety procedures and policies for the employees and for the company as a whole. Thus, we as a group would recommend Luna’s Convenience Store senior management to appoint a senior level authority and make the person address the policies and points. (, 2014) Few points and policies are listed below: 1. Educate your staff you're serious about the wellbeing and safety and why. Tell them you're going to make a move to reduce your business risks and the risks to their wellbeing. 2. Set up a mishap and 'close to miss' register and verify your staff know where it is and when and how to fill it in. 3. Begin an arrangement of hazards – prepare a booklet 'How to deal with risks' for help with this. 4. Choose what move you will make to alter each hazard. Will you: Eliminate? Disconnect? Minimize? 5. Bargain with the highest hazard dangers first and work your path through to the less genuine ones. 6. Put your answers set up – the danger certainty sheets provide for you answers for some regular work environment dangers. 7. Keep a record of the preparation and supervision your staff have had and any new preparing you provide for them. Verify they know how to work securely and how to arrangement with the hazards you've distinguished or guarantee they are managed. 8. Continue searching for new hazards and sway your staff to do the same. 9. Get help on the off chance that you require it from Injury Prevention Management Consultants.



Thus, it is important for a dedicated person or a team totally dedicated for health and safety policies which is very important nowadays due to the companies focussing more on sales and profit-oriented business. A separate cell would make an impact for not only short term but for long term. Thus, protecting the employees and the company as a whole in the future.

Part c


I will be explaining about the business continuity planning.

Business Continuity planning

A business continuity planning is a plan to precede with operations if a position of business (e.g., an office, work site or server farm) is influenced by unfavourable physical conditions, for example, a storm, flame or wrongdoing. Such a planning regularly clarifies how the business would recoup its operations or move operations to an alternate area. (Wikipedia, 2014)



Risk can be prevented by having pre risk management planning. This is done by having a group of employees whose job is to predict the future risk occurrence for the company i.e. internally as well as externally.


Business Impact analysis- When the company comes up with different contingent risks, it is necessary to priorities the risks by predicting the impact of its occurrence. For example: When a company has a risk of going down in the product quality and at the same time government increases the wage limit, company has to obviously prioritize product quality first.


Incident Response Planning- After predicting the risks and also prioritize according to their impacts. Now it’s time to respond by having a proper planning to minimise the impact. For example: There can be a risk of having a fire in the company, this can be minimized by having fire drills.

Recovery: Recovery Planning-

If the impact can't be minimized then there is at least a chance of having the recovery plan. For example: Occurrence of natural disaster can’t be controlled but the impact can be minimized by having the drills as well as escape plans where the main priority of the company is to secure the life of their employees.



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