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A new variant of the Cadbury Dairy Milk has been launched in India by Cadbury India. The new chocolate is priced at Rs 49 for 69 grams and Rs 99 for 160 grams bar. The chocolate will be available in the flavors like milk chocolate, roast almond and fruit & nut. According to the reports, the company claims that the chocolates new variant has been launched keeping in mind the demand for smoother, creamier and finer chocolate available internationally.

The company plans to promote the new chocolate through a aggressive promotional plan, which will include television, print, outdoor and Internet. The promotion will be handled by Ogilvy & Mather moother, Creamier and more curvy for the divine melt-in-mouth experience| | Mumbai, January 27, 2009: Cadbury India Ltd. recently announced the launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk its premium offering under the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand (CDM). Smoother, creamier and chunkier the new CDM Silk chocolate has been formulated to provide superior ‘eat’ experience.

Developed specially for the Indian consumer, the new CDM Silk * New CDM Silk is creamier, smoother and tastier and melts in the mouth more easier than ever before * Its bigger, chunkier and curvier cubes pack more taste  and pleasure in every bite * CDM Silk is available in 3 variants - Milk chocolate, Roast Almond and Fruit & Nut| | provides the most divine ‘Melt in the Mouth’ feel. CDM Silk is finer than the finest chocolates and comes in a premium, internationally developed packaging.

Attractively priced at Rs. 49 for 69 gms and Rs. 99 for 160 gms bar the new CDM Silk will be available in Milk chocolate, Roast Almond and Fruit & Nut variants. Since its launch in 1948, CDM has been Cadbury’s flagship brand in India. CDM is the gold standard for chocolates and stands for the best tasting chocolate amongst all consumers. Over the years, CDM has successfully built a unique relationship with consumers across age groups. Sanjay Purohit, Executive Director - Marketing, Cadbury India Ltd. ommenting on the launch, said, “Our newest offering, CDM Silk has been specially formulated to cater to the Indian consumers craving for smoother, creamier and finer chocolate available internationally. Infact, the initial consumer feedback during the test marketing has been very encouraging and many perceive CDM Silk to be superior to other international chocolate brands available in the country. ” CDM Silk will be promoted extensively through a 3600 campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather Advertising.

The marketing communication will encompass TV, print, outdoor and internet. Notes to the editor: * The chocolate market in India is estimated at Rs. 2000 crores * Cadbury India is the market leader with over 70% market share in the chocolate segment| CDM Silk - Dance Troupe- Advertisement in which ladies dance, conference room commercial Cadbury Dairy Milk emerged as the No. 1 most trusted brand in Mumbai for the 2005 edition of Brand Equity's Most Trusted Brands survey. During the 1st World War, Cadbury Dairy Milk supported the war effort.

A dominant leader in the volume segment, the company’s latest move is designed to strengthen its presence in the value market as well. , latest strategic move. The company aims to position Silk as ‘smoother, creamier and chunkier. ’ The rationale for the launch is simple: distinct products add to growth. “We already have 70 per cent of the Rs 2,000 crore chocolate market in India and now with the retail environment changing, Silk will help us tap into a wider audience,” says Cadbury’s executive director, marketing and international business, Sanjay Purohit. But there’s another reason for this.

India’s per capita chocolate consumption is just 54 gm compared to the UK and US’ 10. 5 kg and 10 kg respectively. Thus, the Silk offering is an attempt to replicate the Dairy Milk that is available in international markets. Globally, premium chocolate accounts for about a quarter of the market in terms of value, but just 10 per cent of the total volume. With that in mind, the company has paid keen attention to the recipe. Typically in India, Dairy Milk contains more cocoa-butter than milk-butter as the latter melts at higher temperatures thus making it more conducive for India .

The reverse is true in other markets, where milk-butter helps give the chocolate a smoother taste. “With the quality of the retail environment changing in India, we can offer smoother creamier dairy milk,” says Purohit. For the product, retail factors play an important role. “We can offer it only in places that have an air conditioner,” Purohit admits. As a result, the company is targeting only the top 35 cities and about 30,000 outlets. “It is for a different type of audience,” he adds.

Cadbury is of course not a novice in the premium category. Last year, the company announced its foray into the dark chocolate segment with the fashionably packaged Rs 75 Cadbury Bournville Fine Dark chocolate. Within a year the Bournville brand has managed to capture 2 per cent of the overall chocolate market in the country, while Cadbury’s other premium brand, Temptation, has about 1. 5 per cent of the market. With the launch of Silk, Purohit hopes that the premium offerings will garner 5 per cent of the overall market.

At present, the existing Cadbury Dairy Milk has a market share of 35 per cent. Analysts say the “premiumisation” trend in the chocolate market will pick up further as a growing body of medical evidence suggests that chocolate with a high cocoa content is actually good for health. Also, while chocolate sales in India have increased 64 per cent, premium dark chocolate sales are growing at a much faster rate. Not surprisingly, for Silk too, it has come out with a full 360 degree campaign that includes three television commercials, outdoor, print and internet.

Keeping the audience in mind, Cadbury has been sampling Silk on flights as well. All three TVCs underscore the finger-licking, messy joy of chocolate eating that ends with the tagline ‘Have you felt Silk lately? ’ The campaign, Cadbury says, takes chocolate indulgence to a new level -- it’s about blissfully losing yourself in the smoothness of the chocolate. Cadbury with Dairy Milk, Perk, Gems, 5 Star,Celebrations, Bytes, Dairy Milk Eclairs, Eclairs Crunch, Confectionery Industry| The confectionery industry in India is approximately divided into: *

Chocolates * Hard-boiled candies * Eclairs ; toffees * Chewing gums * Lollipops * Bubble gum * Mints and lozengesThe total confectionery market is valued at Rupees 41 billion with a volume turnover of about 223500 tonnes per annum. The category is largely consumed in urban areas with a 73% skew to urban markets and a 27% to rural markets. Hard boiled candy accounts for 18%, Eclairs and Toffees accounts for 18%, Gums and Mints and lozenges are at par and account for 13%. Digestive Candies and Lollipops account for 2. 0% share respectively.

Overall industry growth is estimated at 23% in the chocolates segment and sugar confectionery segment has declined by 19%. | In the Chocolate and Confectionery segment, Nestle India registered sales of Rs180 crore in Q1 2009, a growth rate of 14. 3% compared with Rs150 crore in the same period last year. The sales volume in this segment remained flat at 1. 09 lakh tonnes in the first quarter this year Given India's mammoth population, it comes as a surprise that per capita chocolate consumption in the country is dismally low - a mere 20 gms per Indian.

Compare this to over 7 kgs in most developed nations. However, Indians swallowed 22,000 tonnes of chocolate last year and consumption is growing at 10-12 percent annually Date of posting: 04-12-07 Mithai- the traditional Indian sweats are giving way to chocolates among upwardly mobile Indians. Chocolate sales have risen by 15% in 2007 to reach 36000 tonnes according to one estimate. Another estimate puts the figure at 25000 tonnes. 2 May 2001 ... Cadbury India's main source of revenue is its 70% bite of the 23000 tonnes Indian chocolate market.

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