Block the Bully

Simon Hill, a technology journalist, states that “These parental control apps will help keep your kids’ device habits in check”. But telling the teens to shut off their smartphone while the parents themselves are on snapchat, isn’t likely to be effective. “Be a role model and show your children healthy electronics use.” says Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and a lecturer at Northeastern University in Boston. Teens will learn more from what parents do than what they say. In addition, parents can encourage teenagers to do physical activities like going for a walk or doing some yard work. These activities not only enforce time away from screens , but are beneficial for their physical and social health too.

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“Block the Bully”

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Besides, parents who openly communicate with their teenagers are more likely to receive the same approach in response. In fact, parents should discuss online safety, as well as cyberbullying, as soon as teenagers begin using technology. It is important for teenagers to feel comfortable while talking to their parents, because fear of punishment can result in isolated or rebellious behavior. Neil Osterweil, a medical journalist in Boston, declares that “Parents and teens can bridge the communication gap with a little patience and a healthy measure of respect.” Consequently, parents need to build the trust with their teenagers by having daily discussions about their days and any issue that is discussed must be kept in the strictest of confidence.

One important aspect in building this trust is listening without judgement. The skill of listening gives the teenagers time and attention to get beneath surface chat and reach the bottom of real issues that make them uncomfortable like cyber bullying. “ The most helpful way to address online safety and bullying is through open communication with children about these issues,’ states John Ryan, the president of National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). As parents open the cyberbullying issue for discussion, they should support their teenagers, raise their self confidence and work with them to take steps to stop the bullying. For example, when teenagers show you a text, tweet, or comment on Facebook that is harsh, mean, or cruel, let them know that it’s not their fault, and that bullying says more about the bully than the victim. Praise them for telling you, and show them steps to block the bully.

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