Too Much Gadget Use Introduces Depression

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Like this happened in Canada with a 15 year old girl named Amanda Todd. She killed herself in 2012 after watching photos of her private parts on social networking sites. She was suffering from anxiety, major depression and panic attacks after seeing the photos. A Dutch man found guilty of cyberbullying the young girl. The Dutch Supreme Court ruling follows an agreement by the country's authorities to send the convicted cyber-bully to Canada. He got sentenced for 11 years for internet fraud and blackmail. He bullied many others and made them his victims. His victims were from many countries like Britain, Canada, Norway and US. The cyber–bully got arrested in 2014 after the additional cyber - bully charges in Canada related of making and distributing child pornography, extortion and harassment. After this incident, cyber bullying got famous and a global debate began about cyber bullying.

Brandon Singh Rayat was found hanged in his bedroom with a scarf on August 9, after several failed suicide attempts including drinking bleach as well as slashing his wrists. This 15 year old Indian boy hanged himself after being bullied by his form mates, as they called him a “paedo” and a “faggot”. This incident happened in the city Leicester in the East Midlands region of England. His mother also mentioned that his son Brandon was not detained in the hospital as his son was getting worse as he was on anti-depressants, but the dose got higher, and each time it did, he seemed to get worse in himself. His anxiety got worse so that it became a phobia. His close friends living there nearby felt sad about Brandon, and were annoyed by the school and the doctors treating him. The worst part of this incident was that his friends were his enemy. They took his life and ruined it as this death left many people in shock. But to give a consent to others, the school said that “it takes the welfare of its pupils very seriously and does not tolerate bullying in any form.”

To contradict my point, some parents are feeling secured by some apps which helps them to save their child from any coming danger. The teenagers are the ones which are involved in watching pornography. The children are using restricted mode in YouTube as their parents are worried for them. While some educated parents use firewall authentication like ‘Zone Alarm Free firewall’ to keep their children away from many adult sites. As the technology has set a new benchmark, there are many more ways to stop their children from all these usage of adult sites. The most famous app getting used worldwide is the ‘Family Time (iOS and android)’. This app allows you to monitor your children’s web surfing. This app has three key features such as the ‘Bed Time, Homework time and Time limits’ which can be operated by the user’s phone. Basically, the parents can restrict the using time of electronic gadgets and this way the parents are extremely secured for their children. This will have many impacts on the child in the positive and in the negative way. Looking at the positive side of the matter, the children will play more outdoor games and the physical activity will be more as compared to the children who uses most of the time on social networking sites or playing games on their phone. They will give more time to their studies and less distractions by the phone. They will also spend more time with their parents and will be away from the diseases like eye weakness, anxiety and stress.

Anxiety can cause shyness, try to avoid people, place and activities. These children suffering from anxiety can show instant anger by small things and when they get online they become calmer.

Childhood depression or stress is a severe medical illness that negatively affects child behaviour. Too much gadget use introduces depression in children. It also leads mental health issues in children in childhood and adolescence.

The child can suffer from Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It refers to problems like paying attention, excess activity or has difficulty controlling behaviour which is not appropriate. This can occur in children and cause them to be fidgety, unable to focus, restless and easily distracted.

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