Protect Kids from Cyberbullying and Suicide

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Many kids get bullied, mostly online about a half of those kids commit suicide. Should schools do more to protect kids from cyberbullying? Schools should punish the kids who bully to teach them a lesson. And report the person who uses the internet to bully. Making them know what they do is wrong and punish them for their actions, knowing that bullying is not an okay thing to do.Amanda Todd uploaded a video on YouTube to tell her story she was dealing with. People blackmailed and harassed her for years after convincing her to remove her top online. Amanda’s death video went viral with 23 million views.

This making why more people kill themselves online. This should show the person behind the computer show what they have done, making a person commit suicide because of your actions. In the article Cyberbullying in Canada by Shawn logan. Stated “AS lawmakers wrangle with how to target abusers, most experts have zeroed in on the importance of simply communicating better with young people, installing empathy, and arming them with the knowledge to avoid falling victim to online predators. This shows how people lack knowledge.” 

People say that mean messages directed at teens, which are often anonymously posted. Have the potential to harm from embarrassing messages to encourage suicide. “High School students ages 12-17, said they’d anonymously posted something mean about themselves online to encourage in digital self-harm” People who posted something mean about themselves want attention and want others to give empathy to them and see how much people care about them.” The legislation, technology. Law and advocacy can improve online life, The law acknowledges harassment by the web and the actions of the bully to the original upstream offender.” The internet has created a culture where anybody can go from obscurity to fame overnight.

This notoriety does not require consent. Often it's uncontrollable, ruinous and impossible to stop.” Cyber Bullies should be punished for their behavior to give discipline, and show what they do is not okay. Giving out more rules and laws would do little to deter cyberbullies, which means no discipline. Bullies should be punished for the harm they cause other people teens getting picked on. One reason why teens get depressed and commit suicide. Just because someone is different or it's fun to bully doesn't mean they need to be picked on. In conclusion, schools should punish cyberbullying. A school is responsible for a safe learning environment, and a no bullying zone. The bullying online making is more hurtful and distracting from school and getting in the way from learning. The bullies need to be taught a lesson and to show that their words can be hurtful and take actions to others.

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