Parents should Monitor the Social Media Accounts

Have you ever been suspicious of your son or daughter’s social media account, just to make sure they’re not being harmed or harassed by anyone? Previous parents of generations before used to let their children socialize with others but, the setting was always in-person or over the phone. Nowadays, the internet and social media apps have evolved into the main social gathering spot for teens and kids. Forget about going out in public and finding the love of your life, Snapchat and Instagram provide the same gratification and heartwarming feeling as meeting someone in real life. The problem?

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“Parents should Monitor the Social Media Accounts”

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Who knows what’s being sent, said or saved. I believe parents should monitor the social media accounts of their children because it stops/ prevents cyber bullying, Limits the use of the phone usage at certain times of the day, keeps ages 10-15 off their phones and interactive with the outside world, but this will cause an act of rebellion/usage of another phone. While kids and teens seem like they’re safer than most parents, staying caught up on your child’s actions on social media isn’t impossible in the day n’ age anymore. Cyber Bullying can happen anywhere and parents aren’t at a loss either, there are options to discover what your child has posted on Snapchat and Facebook. It can be confusing and difficult though for parents that are not up to date with this technology. The best bet is to figure out the best style to keep in touch and posted for the family.

Most kids are tech savvy enough to know how to cover their virtual trails in social media realms without having them be caught. Stories of social media dangers are numerous, from Megan Meier’s MySpace bullying to online predators who seek to manipulate and expose kids and teens by treating them and reaching out to them as virtual ‘friends’ and ruining their life out of nowhere. I remember one incident that happened at my High School that I went to. There was this Instagram page that was exposing nudes of all local “ Hoes” in the South Side San Jose area, which included kids from Pioneer, Branham, Gunderson, Presentation, and Leland High School. Nothing is ever what it seems that is why parents should monitor to prevent cyberbullying so actions like this don’t have in the world. Every social media gathering spot and app can be altered from fun to fear-ridden in moments.


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