Bill Gates Journey to Make Change

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Bill Gates, the retired CEO of Microsoft, made a long lasting impact on society due to is works in Microsoft and also the works of his foundation called, “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”.Bill Gates works to change the lives of everyone in the United States

one way or another. A article from The Telegraph Online states, ¨The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aims to improve the lives of the world’s poorest”( Nick Allen). This quote shows their main goal of their foundation and what they hope to do to achieve it. Bill Gates cares about the less fortunate people and is taking action to make their lives easier. He is making moves to help many that are very much in need of it.

BIll Gates is very dedicated to making a change in this society. In a article from The Telegraph Online it states, “Bill Gates has actually given up his role of Chairman and CEO of Microsoft so he can focus all his attention, time, and effort towards his foundation and its’ goals (The Telegraph Online).” Bill Gates is willing to quit his company that he worked from the bottom, just to help for a better society. This man is willing to leave his all-time desired job just to focus harder on making the world better, he’s putting others before himself which is an amazing thing to do. A job that he grew from nothing is not worth the amount of positive things he could do focusing on his foundation. Bill Gates is very dedicated to making a change in the world one way or another.

Bill Gates had also given the American people what they had wanted for a very long time. He had revolutionized the Windows industry by creating the Windows 95, a long-awaited version of the Windows software that was asked of for a very long time. Mr. Gates was willing to hear out the audience and windows users and put his efforts and time into making a windows update that would change the game forever (Wired). Bill Gates made a system that could help many work at home and a software that could do many things no other normal software could do before. Bill Gates helps out America by making a software that many wanted and benefited the people tremendously.

Mr. Gates is also working towards the ending of the Polio virus. Polio is a virus that destroys the nerve cells in the spinal cord which may cause muscle wasting and/or paralysis. Bill Gates said in The Telegraph Online, “They’re putting millions and millions into finding a vaccination that could end Polio for good. He says once you eradicate it you don’t have to spend more money on it, and it’s just a gift for the rest of time (The Telegraph Online).” He always wanted to eradicate this virus known as Polio, and now that he has the resources to do it he’s devoted to the ending of this virus, and it’s like a gift for the rest of time because there will no longer be anyone with it. Bill also said that he’s seeing the child death rates revolutionize like the PC and internet revolutionized before.
Bill Gates is putting in lots of time and resources to seeing his goals succeed and society become a healthier place. Bill Gates is putting millions of dollars into condom industry to increase of pleasurability and of condoms. He’s doing this in hopes that they’d be used more in society and that less STDs would be spread which would overall lead to a healthier society. At least 23,000 Americans die each year to STDs and 2 million become infected with STDs making it very common and dangerous within the US. Bill Gates is trying to help us by donating to unique causes that will actually help us in the long run. Bill Gates is also helping out the condom industry by making it more pleasurable which would increase the sales of condoms hence increasing the economy and their own sales. The annual production of condoms is 15 billion units with there only being 750 million because of the lack of pleasurability. Bill Gates is helping users be safe and also making the happyfuntimes even happier and more fun. Bill Gates once stated, “The one major drawback to more universal use of male condoms is the lack of perceived incentive for consistent use. The primary drawback from the male perspective is that condoms decrease pleasure as compared to no condom, creating a trade-off that many man find unacceptable. If they were more pleasurable and used, then fewer STDs would spread leading to a healthier society“ (The Telegraph Online). This basically sums it up, Bill Gates has hopes for a better society and he’s going to start doing that by investing in protection.

Mr. Gates cares for the youth and future of the education system by educating unknown people of the problems in today’s schooling system. Gates after his success with Microsoft, is working to make the education system better by dedicating his time to making the teachers better (Weekend Edition Saturday). He believes that this will make the education system better because they’re the ones that are going to be teaching our youth what they need to know to be successful in life. If we make the teachers better than the students will have better knowledge hence being smarter. Another problem Bill Gates sees is within the tests and quizzes that teachers give out. Gates stated that these assessments don’t tell which parts of the practice they have to focus on, and that the students feedback and evaluation helps a lot more. Many schools don’t see this which is why there education system may be broken and going downhill.

Yet another problem with the school system that Bill Gates shared was that many classes have environments and teachers that don’t encourage you to learn (Weekend Edition Saturday). This doesn’t motivate the kids to learn and they aren’t going to if they feel that they don’t need or want to, which would in the end make their grades lower and lessen their knowledge in that specific topic or all topics actually. He also stated that many teachers don’t teach/do things that would spark a kindle of fire in the students mind (Weekend Edition Saturday) .Many teachers don’t do things that make them enjoy learning and want to enhance their level of knowledge, so they have basic or lesser than basic knowledge making schools, teachers, and the students themselves bad. Bill Gates cares for the future of the students and the education systems in America and he is taking a stand.

Bill Gates is caring individual who is helping to support farming families in America. An article from PR Newswire stated, “ Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, today told a group of political, business, and development leaders that supporting farming families in developing countries is critical to overcoming poverty and hunger (PR Newswire).” Bill Gates is actually taking charge to help those poor farming families who struggle to make a living because they are very important to our society and they need support. Bill Gates had also called other countries and the US’s attention to support these poor families who are supplying the US food (PR Newswire). Many of these farmers don’t have very “loud” and well known and reputable voices unlike Bill Gates who is will known and can get things done with ease.

Bill Gates is trying to stop hunger and poverty in poor families by trying to get support from many to solve this problem. In an article from PR Newswire, Gates stated “ three-quarters of the world's poorest people rely on small plots of land for their food and income. Helping these small farmers grow and sell more so they can become self-sufficient is the most effective way to reduce hunger and poverty.” Bill Gates is caring for many families that are suffer to make it through life day by day and he’s taking a stand trying to help these farms become self-sufficient in hopes that it will reduce hunger and poverty in America. The Gates foundation has donated $1.7 billion dollars to agricultural development in hopes that there is progress being made against poverty, hunger, and that it’s sustainable for the economy and environment. Another article from PR Newswire stated, “An example of foundation-funded projects that have promising results is, “The World Food Program's Purchase for Progress (P4P) project is helping small farmers, particularly women, gain access to reliable markets and the opportunity to sell their surplus at competitive prices. Since its start less than three years ago, P4P has paid out an estimated $37 million to small farmers and traders.” This is showing that there are actual results and that if Gates is getting more support for his ideas that many more great things will happen and that society will become a better place to live in and be apart of. Yet another article from PR Newswire states, “Gates said farming is a business that helps poor farmers build self-sufficiency and improve their lives. He explained how the foundation and its partners are focusing their efforts on helping farmers get better seeds, healthier soils, and access to markets, as well as supporting better data and policies.” So not only is Gates trying to give them more money so they can be self-sufficient, but he’s actually trying to get them better equipment and seeds etc. so then crops will be better and that benefits everyone in the long especially the farmers who are in need of it. Bill Gates cares for the population of those who are in need of general necessities and is standing up so they will be heard.

Bill Gates is also trying to change the energy that people are using so then it would benefit companies and the people. An article from Wired, Gates states, “ ‘If you gave me the choice between picking the next 10 presidents or ensuring that energy is environmentally friendly and a quarter as costly, I'd pick the energy thing,’ " This shows that he cares for the energy of the people and how he can make it better, rather than him being able to pick the next presidents that he wants. This a big thing for Gates because he put everyone else's energy over his own decision to vote and that’s a bold thing to stay because it shows his own will and desire to help the citizens of America with their major energy problem. Another article from Wired states, “ ‘If you're using first-class land for biofuels, then you're competing with the growing of food. And so you're actually spiking food prices by moving energy production into agriculture. For rich people, this is OK. For poor people, this is a real problem, because their food budget is an extremely high percentage of their income. As we're pushing these things, poor people are driven from having adequate food to not having adequate food’(Bill Gates)”. Bill Gates is raising awareness that we have a problem on our hands and that problem is that energy is causing a food crisis. He speaks for the poor because they’re having problems with energy from biofuels because it spikes the food price hence making the poor unable to buy more food with the little amount of money they have. Bill Gates is an amazing man and is changing America for the better due to his ideas and support to problems that are affecting many lower class civilians.

Bill Gates is a very good man who continues to provide for America in many ways. Although he is still doing great things, he seems to continue to have an impact on many of the youth. Bill Gates inspired many youth in the field of Computer Programming and led to the creation of 1000 scholarships to minor. These scholars could do something great and potentially change America just like himself (Bill Gates Biography). Bill Gates is inspiring these kids to continue on a career path similar to his, and hopefully they will do great things and change the world. These kids have great potential and have the resources and time to achieve the goals they set on this specific career. Gates gave this career popularity and it showed many people the opportunities that the career offers. Gates once said, “If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor its your mistake (Cris Nikolov).” He’s motivating people to not think of where you are but where you can go and that’s a big thing. Many people think they’re stuck and they can’t improve their life, stance in society, or wealth, but you can’t be stuck in that mindset or it will mess you up and stunt your growth. Bill Gates is trying to help many out not just physically but mentally. Gates is helping change America for the better in every way he possibly can.

Bill Gates has created a long lasting impact on the society we know today and is continuing to do so. He is trying to eradicate diseases that have killed many, assist those who are desperately in need of supplies etc., and trying to make life easier for the poor. Gates founded a foundation to help many communities and people thrive, in hopes that society will be a better place to live and raise a family. Bill Gates is a great man who has done a lot for america and isn’t stopping anytime soon. Mr. Gates is a businessman who is making his business helping out America and those inside it!

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