Benefits of Year Round School

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Would you rather have shorter breaks and longer school days or longer breaks and shorter school breaks? It is best to have shorter breaks than longer breaks, because longer breaks would make it hard for the teacher to remember what was being taught or learned. If student would have longer breaks they wouldn't be as smart as they would be if they had shorter breaks. The students would also get bored if there were longer breaks, because they wouldn’t have anything to do. When the longer break is over the students would be confused of what's being taught.

The concept of year-round schooling is to extend the number of school days of students and the more days in school the more improved the students intelligence and skills get. They will have the same amount of school days but they will have more frequent breaks. The students will also remember more of what the lesson they’re learning and won’t get confused or aggravated because they’re having trouble remembering. It may also help the teacher to have more frequent breaks because of all the stress they have from the student and it could also improve their teaching skills. So more frequent breaks is a win win for both students and teachers.

The shorter vacation will be resulting into a lower rate of retention and there will be an evenly distributed vacation time. Year-round school may also reduce absences and the student may not get in more trouble as much. Shorter breaks would allow the student to see their friends more frequently instead of staying at home and being bored til the next school year. It may help the grades of the students who need to raise their grade up tremendously to succeed and graduate to college. Students need to progress and learn instead of them judging themselves and beating themselves up because they’re not doing well.

If students took school more seriously year-rounding school would get for them because the could pick back up where they left of before the break and receive outstanding grades on their report card. As stated before student need to progress and graduate to get a job and yes it may take a while but the more time you take understanding than not understanding the better your future may be. If there are student who don’t care about school and doesn’t try then they need longer school days, so they can start understanding how really important school is. Think about it this way if you don’t try in school it’s going to take longer for you to get out of school, because you're probably going to get held back a couple of times. I’d rather be finished with grade school within twelve or so years instead of finishing late with having more than twelve years of school you need.

Even though the students may get overwhelmed when going back to school after short breaks and not finishing their homework is somewhat their faults because their not focusing or they're focusing too hard and they’re using their time to do their homework. Instead of playing games and hanging out with friends all day they could take twenty to forty minutes doing homework. That is why year-round schooling would be better because they can finish their homework faster and hang out with friends while keeping good grades.

This my opinion of year-round schooling and how it would help the students. It all really depends on how the students act like if they try and care then they will do good and learn but if they don’t try and doesn’t care then they will probably fail and learn very little of what they’re supposed to. To restate the reasons of year-round schooling is that it will help the students to remember and focus on the lesson they’re on and more frequent vacations with family. A couple more is that the students wouldn’t be bored at home if they had a shorter break and their grade would more likely be better than if they had longer breaks. The teachers would also have a break from all of the kids. This is why I think think year-round schooling would be the best for students and teachers. Remember don’t let the students beat themselves up because they don’t understand and are confused about what's being taught. 

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