Gap Year is a Long Journey for Young People in Western Countries

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Gap Year is a long journey for young people in western countries before they go to school or work after graduation, so that students can experience a different lifestyle from the social environment in which they live before entering the society. A gap year, students travel outside their home country, often doing work related to their major or volunteering for practice. In this way, students can develop international concepts and positive attitude towards life, learn survival skills, and improve their self-understanding, so that they can find the job they really want or find a better job, and better integrate into the society.

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“Gap Year is a Long Journey for Young People in Western Countries”

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I am a high school student, my family lives in Ningbo, now in Beilun middle school study. I am 18 years old now, I like playing football and listening to music in my spare time. In my spare time, I like to help others, so I have many friends in school. I also joined the school football team and took part in some competitions on behalf of the school. How about you? Can you tell me something about you?

‘Gap year can cultivate students’ international concept and positive attitude towards life, learn survival skills, improve students’ self-understanding, so that they can find the job they really want or find a better job, in a way of’ spacing ‘their current social life, so as to better integrate into the current society. Gap-year is now very popular among students in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Interval in the first benefit is to better understand themselves, can experience during the gap year long life completely different social environment, in such an environment can develop international concept and positive life attitude, more open-minded, know how to listen, tolerance, know yourself, and a broader vision to look at the world. The second benefit is can broaden, during the gap year we can go to a familiar with the unfamiliar world, see more of the world, broaden their learning something more.

If you apply for gap year before entering the university, you need to submit the application for gap year when filling in the school application, and if you apply for gap year after finishing the freshman year, you need to apply on the school website. If you are not clear about the specific operation method, you can ask the local teacher. If you have any questions, call the admissions faculty, who will be happy to tell you what they think of the gap year. Many students ask us, ‘so, when should I apply for a gap year? ‘Should I apply to college and tell you I want to postpone it for a year, or should I apply to college during my gap year? ‘You can get all the answers you want from your teacher.

Malia Obama’s Gap Year story was covered by the world’s media. As for their children’s Gap Year after high school, the Obamas believe it will make college more fulfilling and more successful. This fall, Malia will travel to Bolivia and Peru to study Spanish with a host family. Malia’s dream is to work in the film industry. Although she has been admitted to Harvard University, Malia has been working as an intern for the Weinstein company for four months since February.

A former President of the university of Miami and secretary of health, MS Shalala now runs the Clinton foundation, a prominent female politician in American politics. As a young woman, she spent two Gap years in the U.S. peace corps, like the CEO of Netflix. Mr. Shalala was sent to a remote Iranian village where he helped set up an agricultural school. ‘My time in Iran was the most important experience of my youth,’ she says.

For students who have a clear understanding and planning of their future career direction, gap year can also provide them with a period of experience and learning in advance. Taking part in some professional work practices can help them better understand their professional direction and content.

Travel can provide an unforgettable moment and experience, and a trip during gap year can broaden our horizon and increase our knowledge. After the busy life in high school, a trip can also help us relax physically and mentally, so that we can just enter the state of study after the trip.

Since the 1980’s many articles have been written about gap years, but perhaps most notably is the article primarily attributed to Harvard’s former Dean of Admissions, William Fitzsimmons entitled ‘Time Out or Burn Out for The Next Generation.’ Since then, numerous books and articles have been written, most famously: ‘The Gap Year Advantage’ by Rae Nelson and Karl Haigler.

Although a gap year is a fairly new concept in the United States, it has been an important cultural landmark in Europe for many years. According to the ‘gap year’ association, the ‘gap year’ dates back to the 17th century, when a trip to a European cultural center was considered an important part of the education of any mature young person. They have come a long way since then, but the nature of the gap year remains the same; It’s a time to develop new skills, practice independence, and get to know yourself.

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