Church Girl Diary Junior Year of High School

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Today’s 1/3/18 I was planning out Valentine’s Day with Stephen and we were talking about favorite snacks because every year we go to the movies Here are my favorites: My Mom’s Banana Pudding A cannoli from little Italy food should taste good sweet potatoes wise popcorn hot cheese kettle cooked mesquite bbq fritos flavor twists honey bbq snyder’s of hanover Pretzel Pieces Honey Mustard & Onion Welch’s Fruit Snacks Haribo Gold-Bears Today’s 1/11/18 Dear Church Girl I just ran for the train. Caught it glory be to God. Today will be a great day. Today’s 1/12/18 Tonight I texted two people from my past.

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“Church Girl Diary Junior Year of High School”

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I wanted to see who I was in the past by talking to someone who I was close to about myself. In order to have an outside perspective. Talking to them alone brought back memories of who I used to be and how I’ve grown. Today’s 1/18/18 Today is MLK day and I am currently at the Boston Convention Center. I am trying to make as many connections as I can today. I really hope I can work at the State House or my dream job working for the senator in college but I only have one more year. With one of the Speeches said I am questioning does the government cater to truly to everyone’s needs those that have and to those that do not.

There are so many different types of people within this nation; so many different problems people face. If we take that into the considerations, are we really benefiting everyone with our decisions or are we helping people in the nation who are closest to us? One of the speakers, Bakari Sellers, stated that as long as we put the people in South Boston and Roxbury against each other it will be almost impossible to move forward together. (I am paraphrasing). That touched my heart because growing up in Boston my whole life I was always told not to go to Southie. And I noticed the “nicely” segregated areas divided by Ruggle Station. I say “nicely” but that does not make it right. Being against each other has brutally tore apart communities with gentrification (cold heartedly).

Today’s 1/17/18 Realized some will break down your confidence just to prove their sufficiency and it hurts. Today’s 1/25/18 On my way to school right now. Sitting alone among a bunch of people really causes me to reflect. I think about a lot and sometimes I ever wonder if I over think. Today’s 1/27/18 These are important questions to ask me when I have a little more downtime to self-reflect: Do you feel like you have the ability to help more people and what are some of those examples? Is this friendship benefiting both of us and where we are trying to go? Today’s 1/28/18 Today at church the theme is the ministry of the Holy Spirit. It was pretty interesting it was geared mostly towards adults with children and keeping them in church. Most of my friends that were raised up in church values really stuck with them as we are growing up.

My Bishop also preached about being influenced by outside believes and how important it is to have a relationship with the lord for ourselves. Other people can be so persuasive that they can have a Christian question their own faith. I know that I will have to work harder to understand the bible for myself. If I truly want to be that strong believing Christian I always wanted to be. Today’s 2/6/18 How dear you say there is no such thing as racism. Brainwashed maybe? Maybe it’s the way we started It’s the school systems That’s fogging up our lens I go to school and my culture is never taught about in comparison to the European culture.

Never once in science have we mentioned the millions of inventions blacks created. Never once have we taught about the success of those born brown. Never once have I learned about myself in school so that I can be proud of who I am. I am taught about my ancestors’ failures. We have been colonized Over and over and over Enslaved and used for our crops. But there is so much more to our history And even our present. Today’s 2/21/18 I’ve been doing the screen every Sunday so I haven’t been keeping up but with my dairy, especially during service. Here’s what I read about in my diary today. The word of God is awesome. God word strengthens us.

He wants us to be strong yet we worry too much while God is holding us up. God is with us and we know this already, we just have trust that he got this. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”Today’s 2/21/18 I love NIV it helps me understand the KJV version much better. Sometimes regardless I still need help to understand what the bible is stating. The NIV version and prayer will have my back so that God’s word is more clear to me. Dear God, This Poem is meant to be broad. God, I want my readers to read what I write and see their own situations and others as well. Today’s 2/23/18 For If I Dear Speak to You Every morning your words hit me and I no longer want to be there. My words can not be spoken in full For if I dear speak to you I will be My words will be used and twisted to bigger up your pride The names you call me seem to be a joke But it only boils up emotions inside me Your words are not always factual if you just stopped and listened you would know that. 

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