“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare

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What's not better than reading and watching fairies and parents getting in the way of true love? Who doesn't like seeing people get turned into donkeys? Everyone loves a good fight and a happy ending right? In every play there is a debate with the book and movie. One is always gonna be better the question is always gonna be why? The real question is what makes a story a story?

Every play or story is based on a order. That's what makes the story make sense, it's what puts it in place. Now this play is different because it was written in a different time, a different generation, and a unique language. Every new part was called act. For example, the beginning starts off with a love story feud in act 1 scene 1. Everything is in order first come the love story with a couple of hiccups then someone getting turned into a donkey and a battle between gods and somewhere in the story someone is writing a play within a play. I know your thinking how can this all make sense in one single play but it was written by Shakespeare and everyone knows he has a very unique mind and brilliant ideas. On the other hand you could just watch the movie.

Now that's the thing with a book there's always gonna be a movie but who really knows what's better. Even though there on the same thing there is always gonna be a difference between the two. For instance the play is always gonna have more detail than a book and that's just a fact. It would always use more feeling and give a little more when it comes down to how someone feels. A movie does show emotion don't get me wrong but writing give more of an extra effect. For example when hermia and Lysander were in the feud with her father about marrying Demetrius I got more feeling in the play than the movie. Of course they couldn't say everything Shakespeare wrote down for the play because truth is it was so much, so they just summarized it. Though they do have a minor differences between them it doesn't change the fact that they both are very similar because its still on the same thing. A book can use more detail and be better in so many ways but for me I'm more of a visual person.

Anyone that read A Midsummer Night's Dream would know its not short. We read it as a class so can you imagine how long that took. I like how plays or any story gives us more but I like to see more than to read it. It's just amazes me how books can take up to days to read but a movie just takes a couple of hours. Actually seeing someone turn into a donkey was better than reading about it. Watching Lysander hermia true love fall in love with Helena over a potion would always be better to visual see it than to read about it. This doesn't mean the play was bad it just mean I'm just like the rest of society I'll rather watch a movie than to read. But it comes down to what was A Midsummer Night's Dream really about?

This play was a comedy but came with a little truth and happy ending. Every love story will have people not supporting the relationship. Just like love stories there is drama but nothing that cant be solved. Last but not least a happy ending there was things around it like fairies and

plays and fight with an Amazon queen. But it all started with a love story.

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