Bees as an Endangered Species of Insects

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Do you crave chocolate? Honey? What about the sweet smell of flowers? Well, they might be gone if the bees go extinct. These important insects just might. 7 species of them are on the endangered list. Not only will flowers be vanished, but the organisms that eat them. The food chain would be a disaster. And this is just the start. A world without bees could mean a struggle to sustain the human population. Supermarkets would have to half the amount of fruits and vegetables. And It gets worse. We are losing these precious species at an alarming rate:30% each year. Important Beesness For the last few years, I’ve heard of the decline of bees. I never knew why. Surprisingly, it’s really because of global warming. It’s getting hotter each year, which has restricted the area in which bees can survive. Many species have struggled to adapt to their changing environment. Not only that, but pesticides and harmful chemical-treated plants are also hurting the bees. Such as corn, it releases pollen into the air and makes its way to other plants, where bees are exposed. An external parasite called Varroa mite infests the bee colonies and sucks the blood from the adults. This causes a short life for the pollinators. 2 Varroa MitesBlood that emerges from the bees may be deformed with missing legs or wings. It’s a real horror show.

A Positive StingYou may not like bees for their painful sting, their annoying buzz, and if you are unlucky enough to be allergic, they are a lethal threat. But people need to work fast to save them. If all species of bees went extinct, plants couldn’t be pollinated. The herbivores that eat the plants, gone. Carnivores would perish because of little food supply, and then decomposers would have very little to decompose. I asked many of my friends if they liked chocolate or honey, and they nodded their heads with their mouths drooling. I broke the news. They seemed devastated. I laughed as they scrambled to figure out how to save them, which led me to write this next section.

Lend A Helping HandOne thing you can do to save bees is plant bee-friendly flowers in your garden or yard (No chemicals!). Also, you may not know this one, but bees get thirsty. You can put a small basin of fresh water outside your home, and wait for the dehydrated suckers to come. Do whatever you can to make the climate cooler! Cut down on fossil fuels. They will appreciate it! One more thing: share your solutions with your community. Spread the word! A farmer sprays pesticide on their plantsFactoring In The FactsAfter much research, I found out that bees probably won’t go extinct, with over 20,000 thriving species. But in general, the type of bees that are going extinct is very important for humans.Crazy, right? Albert Einstein once said, “If bees went extinct, then us humans would be too after 4 years.” Many beekeepers and farmers don’t agree with that. Some say that bees pollinate ? their crops. But others, ?. Let’s say the 7 species of bees on the endangered list do go extinct, we would still be in trouble. Our diets would change dramatically. Honey bees (Yeah, they are on the endangered list, too.) are responsible for $30 billion a year in crops. Take. This. Seriously.

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