Endangered Species: White Rhinoceros or “Ceratotherium Simum”

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Status of Endangered Species: Near Threatened

Niche of Endangered Species: Primary Consumer

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species is an agreement between countries placed to protect endangered plants and animal

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“Endangered Species: White Rhinoceros or “Ceratotherium Simum””

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White rhinos are found in the grassland and savannah. Summer temperatures can be well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. White rhinos lives in areas with flat lands, bushes, plenty of grass to eat and water for drinking. Although, every once in a while they are founded in swampy areas. White Rhinos find a waterhole and roll in the mud which acts as a sunblock and bug repellent.

White Rhinos are famous for their large horn, or horns on top of its head near its nose. White rhinos has a hump on the back of the neck, their heads are usually in close distance to the ground. They look up when something causes them to be scared and upset. There are two types of rhino, Black, and White rhinos which are both grey.

One distinction is black rhino have a pointed upper lip. While White rhinos has a squared lip. White rhinos are called squared-lipped rhinoceros. White rhinos lack in eyesight but, they have good heard and smell. White rhinos can run up to speed as fast as 40 km per hour during short periods.

In China, hospitals are allowed to use rhino horn and tiger bone from prison-raised/trained animal for traditional medicine. Specifically, White Rhinos horns are made of keratin, skin protein. The same makes up of the finger and toe nail. Rhinos are one of the oldest mammal species in the world. Rhinos use their horns to protect themselves from animals who hunt and kill others by poking/punching the underbelly of their attacker.

White Rhinos has a huge body and a large head. Due to this, White rhinos are the second largest land mammal. White rhinos are pale grey, only has hair on ears, tail tips and eyelashes. Adult male rhinos weighs between 1,800-2,500 kg and females 1,800-2000 kg. At birth, White Rhinos weight 40-60 kg and are as tall as 5-6 feet. White Rhinos have two horns one on the end of the nose while the front of horn is usually much larger than the inner horn.

Since March 2018, only two rhinos of the northern white rhinos remains, both of which are females. They are protecting round-the-clock by armed guards. World Wildlife, fund created a rhino database using DNA found in rhino horns for forensic investigations to use for court as events or objects that prove something to strengthen the prosecution cases. TRAFFIC, a wildlife trade watching/supervising network, has played a very important role in the polices. Its goal is to strengthen border to bring criminals to justice for their crimes against rhinos and other endangered species.

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