What Will Happen if Endangered Species Become Extinct?

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When we hear the word extinct,the first thing that springs to mind are animals that existed millions of years ago that we have never seen,such as dinosaurs and giant sharks.so when the members or individuals of certain group die out we will say that extinction has taken place.

There are two different types of extinction

Background extinction :refers to normal extinction for example some species can't be sustained on earth.

Mass extinction :is a widespread event that wipes out the majority of living plants and animals.


More than 300,000 known species of plants are threatened with extinction.plants provide the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat.they're also the source of a majority of medicines in USA today and over 50% of medicines derived from plants.

Impact of extinction on human disease:

Many different species have unique bodily processes that can cure human disease.for example the toxins produced by dart-poison frogs in the rainforest have invaluable information about how alkaloid compounds behave in living organisms.so the loss of these resources could prove a terrible blow to humans.

Impact of the tiger disappeared:

Tiger,in particular,is a super predator.it is at the very top of its food chain.this means that animal has no natural predators.tigers are important in Asian cultures too.its disappearance would be a huge cultural loss and feline is also one of the most endangered species.

When elephants go,so do trees !

In recent study found that there is a stark correlation between lower elephant populations and less trees.elephants are regarded as the architects of their environment.in fact after humans,elephants have the largest ability to influence their natural environment.

Effects of animals extinction:

When we lose the animals through extinction,we lose biodiversity.

Biodiversity refers to the total number species.animals extinction is a threat to the human life.so we can say that it has got more disadvantages than advantages however,the extinction of a species may not always be a bad thing according to the Natural History Museum.

The exhibition will show that without the demise of animals like dinosaurs,which died out 66 million years ago,birds would never come to dominate the planet.

The relationship between extinction and food cycle:

Every living thing plays a role in the food chain and earth's ecosystems,and the extinction of certain species,whether predators or prey can have serious impacts.think about large animals like the grizzly bear,when a predator goes extinct,all of its prey are released from the predation pressure and they may have big impacts on ecosystems.or for example Arctic foxes are only canine species that can change the color with the season.if they become extinct it will upset the food chain which can disturb the ljfe cycle of other species.

The extinction of many species depends on the survival of others,and don't think human beings are an exception .


Ants turn up more soil than earthworms!

when ants dig tunnels,they aerate the soil and recycle nutrients.they have also been essential to production of coffee and chocolate.


They are responsible for pollinating the world's food supply and also produce buzzing sounds when they sense toxic chemicals in the air.


In this world there are many plants and animals going extinct and humans never know how valuable a species of animal and plant may be for us in the future,perhaps as food,medicine or for specific information.

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