My Experience i Received from my Family Relation to Another Class

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The idols of the Cave are those that vary from individual to individual, beliefs due to limited experience. They arise from culture, not nature. They reflect they’re up bringing from their family backgrounds, childhood experiences, education, gender, social class, and even ethnicity. “generally, let every student of nature take this as a rule- that whatever his mind seizes and swells upon with peculiar satisfaction is to be held in suspicion, and that so much the more care is to be taken in dealing with such questions to keep the understanding even and clear.” (4, Paragraph 5). Example of this is an individual’s background is more likely to their personal observations of events, things and beyond what they see.

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“My Experience i Received from my Family Relation to Another Class”

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I have had personal experience with this with my friends, I was brought up in a very mind opening house hold, mixed races, lots of siblings, being open to my own choice of religion, decent school, middle class, and being whoever, I would want to be as a person. Growing up with this mentality really showed me how childhood upbringings can really convert a person. Growing up so open, I learn to make my own choices when it comes to beliefs and politics but having very strong headed friends really showed. I have experienced some prejudice people and I have witnessed people devoting their life on the political spectrum and treat other classes in ways I could never. Befriending these people, I got to see inside their household, and it showed that these people I considered to know where the perfect clone of their own parents. Restating back to Bacon, my friends and even I have beliefs due to limited experience.

In conclusion, Francis Bacon with his rationalistic view of the world, he realized that unless you don’t use your mind to understand your own idols and engage in someone else’s mind, it would be impossible to communicate the truth of the world. The Four Idols states that Concerning the several classes of idols, all of which must be abandoned and put away with a fixed purpose, the understanding needs to be freed and cleansed that the entrance into the kingdom of man, is no different than the entrance into the kingdom of heaven, where no one may enter except as a little child. (6, paragraph 7). All four idols have their viewpoints, you can see sides of the positive and the negatives but when it comes to the senses bringing in the world you really see then you can contract because one may not see color, smell, hear or be strong in one or even all senses. Skepticism shows problems of believing we don’t know the world and we may never know.

Bacons sophisticated realism, in knowing your idols and overcoming to understand the world for what it really is. Suspend your judgement and go discover, go learn because knowledge is power, and power is knowledge. Bias is the assumptions you jump to before collecting any information of the situation. There are many people that are racist, sexist, homophobic and don’t even care. Bias can be sneaky, they are within everyone and you may not even notice. Your belief may be that everyone is he same, but you may catch yourself reacting with certain situations like; having judgmental thoughts of another actions, walking faster when you pass different races, or feeling uncomfortable in the presence of others different from you. I honestly believe you can overcome these biases, if you expose yourself to different settings, different people and opening to different medias. You can break bias by opening your mind and seeing from all sides to break the barriers. If you don’t at least try, then breaking bias will seem almost impossible. 

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