Ancient Egyptian Culture

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It was once the home of the very famous King Tutankhamen, also known as King Tut. Ancient Egypt was an amazing place With many great customs and routines. For example, imagine you are in ancient Egypt. You walk around in light, white, simple clothes. You trudge on to your clay pots that hold the remnants of your food and water. But when you get there you realize that the food still needs to be made and cooked. You carry the heavy pottery up your steep stairs to the platform roof of your mud brick shelter. You are in the wonderful world of ancient Egypt.

Daily Life


Ancient Egyptians had elaborate and interesting home designs. The homes started as lumpy mud walls over a hole in the sand but evolved into square shapes on the hard flat ground. The Ancient Egyptians houses ended up made from mud bricks. Mud bricks are made when mostly slaves pour mud and some debris into a wood mold. Then left it to dry into rectangular bricks. they used mud because the stone was too hard to cut or work with. They also used mud bricks and not wood because the wood was too scarce of a source.

Sometimes people even used the trunks of palm trees to support their homes. They did use wood for some things such as door frames and window frames

Food and drink

Ancient Egyptian people did most eating and cooking on the or in the yard. They ate mainly bread. The bread was made of wheat and like many other foods, it was made in hot clay ovens. The ancient Egyptians enjoyed fruits, vegetables and sometimes honey. also. Not just fruits and vegetables but also meat. Meat such as duck and goose. More rich people or people with higher social status ate meat from Antelope and deer. Those people also liked to eat baked goods. People always ate with their fingers.

They did all of their cooking, storing, and eating of food in clay pots and other pottery. They drank beer made from barley and wine made from grapes and sometimes even beets.


People who lived in ancient Egypt wore very simple clothes. THeir clothes were made by weavers. The weaves made linen out of weaved flax, Which they grew themselves. People with more money or better social status could afford colored dyes and better fabric, so they wore gold or yellow wrapped cloth for men, and either a long shirt or sleeveless dress for women. They also made sure to dress for hot weather so they stayed cool. But all that was for adults, the children wouldn't wear clothes at most times. The women's dresses often went down to their ankles, and they would all go barefoot except for occasionally when a higher social status person wears sandals.

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