The Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus

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A coffin that was made to hold a body for all eternity. Made over 3,000 years ago, the Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus was a major step in this great country's incredible civilization.

The Sarcophagus had many important uses. The main purpose of these coffins, were to protect The body from animals, and tomb robbers. It also kept the body from deteriorating. This was vital, because the Egyptians believed that the body was needed in the afterlife. Without a body, your chance at the afterlife was ruined permanently. Pointed out to many, this was no ordinary box.

Over time, Sarcophagi were made of many different things. Sarcophagi were made of black, or green basalt, quartz, marble, limestone, and wood. In rare cases, including King Tutankhamen, sarcophagi were made of solid gold! A usual feature to Sarcophagi, were designs decorations with gold, pottery, and other fine elements. In addition to these special Egyptian coffins, werehuman shaped carvings of the inhabitants physical appearance. (Curved noses, pierced ears, excetera) These were best materials,to show respect to the dead.

The Egyptian Sarcophagus was first made long ago. The very first Egyptian Sarcophagus was made of stone in the 3rd dynasty. Next, in the 11th dynasty, the first box-like wooden sarcophagus was made. Finally, in the 17th dynasty, the first sarcophagus with a human shape was created. In later years, nesting layers of sarcophagi were created. (Putting a sarcophagus, inside a sarcophagus, inside a sarcophagus) These creations marveled many, showing the Egyptians incredible craftsmanship.

Many things were needed in the afterlife. The Egyptians believed that the body, and the soul were needed to move on to the afterlife. They believed that the afterlife was a new life, and in it, you would be reborn. This is why the Egyptians went to so much trouble to preserve their dead. Other things, including food, water, clothing were also buried with the sarcophagus, to be used in the afterlife. These were all need to make the extensive journey to the afterlife.

The Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus had many cool, and fun facts. The wordSarcophagus, comes from the Greek words sarx meaning flesh, andphagein meaning eater. Sarcophagi were often decorated with important scenes from a person's life, including battle, or marriage scenes from the person's life. The oldest ever piece of cheese, was found buried with an important Mayor named Ptahmes! The Eye of Horus, (a well known Egyptian symbol) was painted on the side of most Sarcophagi, so that the person inside could see out! It is incredible that a coffin could be so amazing!

In conclusion, the Egyptian Sarcophagus was useful, a very important factor to get to the afterlife, and an incredible invention.

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