America’s Strong Sense of Military Pride

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America as a whole has a strong sense of pride in our military, but the the debate among many of us is do we as a country give enough back to our men and women who have risked their lives for our safety and freedom. The answer to that is yes, the United States does enough if not more than needed to welcome back and support our veterans. Returned soldiers have everything they need from healthcare , physical and mental, to financial help and much more. The real problem lies within the normal citizens who feel the need to complain on the behalf of returned military personnel because they think they know everything that a soldier has gone through.

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“America’s Strong Sense of Military Pride”

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Everyday americans don’t understand what goes on overseas, all they are told is stories and shown images that makes up only a fraction of what really happens. Many people picture all veterans with mental problems such as PTSD, but no one can truly understand what is inside the mind of a veteran. Some people could possibly be sent to fight with pre existing issues that are only noticed when they return, And even most of those who do come away from them without any permanent damage (Joyner). Another major assumption by the average population is that a person with a physical disability must have served and lost their limb or a function that way. The majority of soldiers that face severe trauma survive with little damage thanks to our advanced medical technology that improves how fast and well we react to traumas (Brands). We should take pride in the medical care we give our troops.

Besides healthcare, the government provides more ways to support our troops. In many situations the military will give funds to pay for college related needs, The government pays up to $17,500 a year plus living expenses for three years of education and training (Brands). This amount of money should be plentiful in supplying veterans with the education they need to get back on their feet after the service. There are many differences between all students who attend college, such as age, jobs, and family. These differences can create a struggle within the diverse group of students that is far beyond their combat experiences (Joyner). Our government takes very good care of our soldiers school wise.

Some argue we do not do enough for our armed forces. They may say this because they simply don’t know the facts or they could just agree with the first side of the story they were told. While we do owe a great deal to those who risk their lives for our freedom we also give a great deal. You can argue all day that we just lure men and women into the military with promises of free college, but the truth is that we do give a lot in funds going towards tuition and living expenses (Brands). Another major debate is do we offer enough medical care to those who need it, and yes we do. There’s no doubt that getting shot at and seeing friends killed in explosions are life-changing experiences. But most veterans, even those deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, don’t have those experiences. And even most of those who do come away from them without any permanent damage (Joyner). All in all we do what is needed to help our vets.

Americas strong sense of military pride is something to cherish. Even though we have those people that feel we don’t give back to our military men and women, we do. With the advanced medical care we give and money we offer in educational purposes our returned veterans are more than taken care of.

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