A Sense of Sexism

In the article, the statement in my opinion means that the traditional sense of sexism has been dominating the society in history. When women suffer from sexism, they do so in a way that they are targeted by men, who have brainwashed people in all positions such as leadership and influence to ensure that the male individuals dominate the society. When men suffer sexism, they are put in gender role stereotypes that restrict and hurt women. Despite being of the same gender, some men have restricted the role of different people in the workplace, society and other areas to restrict other men (Berlatsky, 2013). They have not accepted the autonomy and options existing in employment and equal opportunities. The domestic rights become integrated with violence, directing men as being the naturally dominant and shrugging women as unexplainable.

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“A Sense of Sexism”

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After divorce, men face different situations such as alimony payments, whereby they are forced to pay their ex-wives. In cases of temporary payments by the ex-wife, men are seen by their peers or colleagues as being immature, unmanly and being dependent on the women. The current society has put more emphasis on the dominance of men in the community. Gender roles are biased against women, which in turn affects men when the situation becomes disproportionate. The case that men can face gender discrimination has been unheard of, until lately, in the society. Women receive custody of children in about 90% of the divorce cases, which pressurizes them in asserting their position in the society (Berlatsky, 2013). Corporal punishment is also prevalent in boys as opposed to girls. Tolerance to prison, armed services and other hardship areas in life are only characterized as men’s problems. Therefore, men are not well-equipped to handle issues arising from sexual harassment.

The cases in which men can suffer from gender discrimination are not only limited to the family setting or the workplace. The history dates back to the 1950s, when an ideal man in the United States was working while women stayed at home. When everyone came up with the ideal gender roles, the perpetuation that a man that is different ideally harms men in the society. Men are also disadvantaged in a sense that they have been subjected to social and legal pressure for a long period (Berlatsky, 2013). Women do not generally experience the pressures of financial responsibility in families. They are also not subjected to other hardships such as taking up the leader of the family. For example, rape in prison is seen as an ordeal that men only face, since they are seen as being violent to get in such a position.

When considering issues such as being transgender, men are seen as not being suited to undertake such roles. Males who identify as being in such categories are considered as being weaker and not having similar power as their colleagues or counterparts. When considering issues of sexual violence against either gay or transgender men, the instances of discrimination are higher as opposed to women (Berlatsky, 2013). The cultural obsession on femininity beauty and the vulnerability of women has put men at a disadvantage. The society focuses more on the problems associated with women rather than looking at the challenges that men face each day.

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