American Revolution War 1760s and 1770s

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In New England an uprising beginning in 1675 led by the Wampanoag leader Metacom, or King Philip as the English called him, seemed to confirm these fears. Indian conflicts helped trigger the revolt against royal authorities known as Bacon’s Rebellion in Virginia the following year.” (American yawp 3). It is right to say that the way caused a great sense of division between the colonist and the Indians. And how the Indians were no longer viewed as friendly but rather was enemies. It shows how race changes how the Indians and the colonist saw each other and how it brought about a new level of separation between them.

The Metacon war caused the British to use the Indians as slaves, even though some of these Indian men had hosted them when they arrived to the Americas and welcomed them to their land. The colonies took advantage of the Indians by selling them to slavery or causing them to flee from their homes in fear of what the colonist taking forcing them into slavery. Separation between the British is evident even after this war is over its seen throughout other’s ways that occur later.

There was a change that was happening when race become a discovery. Indentured servant no longer qualifies for any rights and have transitioned from servants to black slavery. People are no longer classified by class bur rather Race, they are seen as property, Blacks and Indians are owned by their masters and are no longer an important part of the community, they are compared and counted just as cattle. Before race came about, all men seemed to be worried about status they all paid taxes and were a part of a community, but race changed everything, black people were treated as second class, they continued to be discriminated mainly because of their skin color.

Question IV (150 points):

  1. What were the underlying causes of the American Revolution?
  2. What specific examples can you point to as evidence of each in the crisis between Britain and America?
  3. Finally, which underlying cause do think was most significant and why?

Ideological causes brought caused an awakening among the Americans and made them realize how the British felt about them and most importantly what they thought about them.

They realized how the British have treated them as children and inferiors and how they controlled every major decision that they tried to make for themselves such as who and where to trade their goods. These opinions and beliefs made them realize more than before how important it was for them to have their own liberty. The Wig theory was a major awakening for the Americans because they were enlightened on the reasons why they should believe themselves for a better status of leadership, the theory made them realize that they deserved better and could rule themselves. The wig theory advocated for liberty for all and argued that everybody has the right to make decisions for themselves and should be given a chance to decide what they want and what they don’t as the phrase states “No Taxation without representation”.

Realizing that Americans should be the only ones to tax their fellow Americans and that only local assemblies can tax them. Americans were getting tired of the monarchy trying to hider them from progressing towards earning their own freedom. They wanted to be governed by the law and not by monarchy. The Americans wanted their voice to be heard at the England empire. Americans were not going to be just listeners and doers of anything the monarchy thought they should do. According to American Yap the, “King George III took the crown in 1760 and brought Tories into his Ministry after three decades of Whig rule. They represented an authoritarian vision of empire where colonies would be subordinate.” (American yawp 5). The Americans no longer wanted leadership from the monarchy they learned that they could not trust anyone with their matters. When the Monarchy realized that the Americans territories were getting out of hand and noticed that they needed to take care of their own monarchy because if they continued to worry about the Americans but rather deal with their own issues. On the other hand, the Political causes was one of the underlying cause of the American revolution. After the seven-year war, the colonist empire became weak.

It was thought that the British had gained more control of the Americas. According to the American Yap, “Britain now controlled the North American continent east of the Mississippi River, including French Canada. It had also consolidated its control over India. But the realities and responsibilities of the post-war empire were daunting.” (American yawp 5). It is evident that even through the British had all these colonies they were very much affected by the aftermath of the war. They understood the need of security after gaining more territories from their enemies and the accumulated debt from the war made things even more harder for the British because they needed resources to especially pay their national debt. According to the American Yap, “These factors led Britain in the 1760s to attempt to consolidate control over its North American colonies, which, in turn, led to resistance.” (American yawp 5).

The Americans resisted majority of the rules and regulations that the British continued to put into place which especially the sugar act which was placed as restrictions for the Americas trading with other nations, also the currency act restricted the Americas colonies from printing more paper money. On the other-hand the parliament placed tax on nearly all papers and products in the colonies such as legal documents, liquor license the newspaper and even playing card which was the stamp act. This act affected almost everyone from lawyers to college graduates and even sailors.

The American Yap stated that, “unlike the Sugar Act, which primarily affected merchants, the Stamp Act directly affected numerous groups throughout colonial society, including printers, lawyers, college graduates, and even sailors who played cards. This led, in part, to broader, more popular resistance.” (American yawp 5). After these numerous acts the Americans felt that they could no longer sit back and watch the colonies continue to make choices for them, they were ready to continue resisting the British regulations and were determined to make their own set of rules.

Another major cause of the American Revolution were Personal causes. Prior to the American Revolution the Americas followed the British cultures and started living like they did. One example was that women were not very much laid back when it came to do certain things but after the revolution the Female patriotism became evident and women started participating more in things they could never have done before, women started their contributions to the resistance movement.

The American Yap states that, “They circulated subscription lists and gathered signatures” (American yawp 5). Finally, women gained the platforms where they could participate in political and economic development, “Spinning clubs were formed, in which local women would gather at one their homes and spin cloth for homespun clothing for their families and even for the community.” (American yawp 5) American economy was getting more independent and there no much new imports of clothes and so they started discovering the potential within themselves.

These three causes of the American revolution made the Americans realize that they too could unite and lead their own nation that they no longer needed to submit to the colonists anymore but rather awoke them to be responsible as to where America was going, it was up to them from now forth to determine their future destiny.

On the other-hand the political cause was vital and needed people to rise-up and stand for themselves in order to end the constant colonization from the British. Also, the Whig theory made the Americans see them as superiors and no longer inferiors as the British made them feel. They realized that they could also earn their own independence. 

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