Am i a Professional Procrastinator?

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Being a professional procrastinator is not as difficult as it sounds. There are many ways to become a professional procrastinator. Procrastination experts, like myself, insist that time management is the worst enemy of anyone. Allowing procrastination to control someoner’s life can result in unavoidable frustration, anger, and not doing the best possible. One of the awesome things when it comes to procrastination is that it makes interest where someone might have not seen it before.

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“Am i a Professional Procrastinator?”

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A procrastinator allows ideas to soak in and come to the surface in an inspirational way. Avoiding problems can be done just as much as they are created. Jumping in and doing something without thinking about it can lead to issues and not being an inspired person. Procrastinating can provide a thinking cushion to figure out what can go wrong and gives time to create ways around those issues.

Procrastination might be used to protect oneself when they are not ready to do something. If someone lacks the skills, bravery, or knowledge to do something; procrastination can prevent someone from jumping into something a person cannot do. If someone has been putting off a task because they hate it; or do not want to be associated with it, procrastinating can provide the time needed to get used to the task and eventually settle without feeling uncomfortable. Procrastination can give time to build up the energy needed to continue on after starting a task.

Find different ways to procrastinate. Procrastination is not something that needs to be taught to do, but it can be encouraging to learn that someone is not alone when it comes to procrastinating. Everyone procrastinates when it comes to at least one subject.

Getting creative with distractions is necessary when procrastinating. It can be something as simple as watching a marble roll across a table. Even learning the choreography for a favorite music video can help with procrastinating. Staring out the window is also a very good way to procrastinate; shapes the clouds look like can be noticed, watch people, count cars, or watch animals outside. Another idea is to simply stare at yourself in the mirror and make goofy faces. If all of these are done for about half hour each, a good chunk of time has been successfully wasted.

If the TV has to be used as a distraction, make sure to check all the channels on TV. For example, watch the Spanish channel and try to figure out what is being talked about. This is extremely entertaining, and it gives the opportunity to learn how to speak a different language. How exciting! To be a procrastinator, always choose a movie over a TV show. Every time a show ends, the decision between working, and watching more TV has to be made. When given that decision twice every hour, sooner or later a person will crack and do the work they should be doing. Movies are usually at least two hours, this will use up a huge section of time, and the work will not have to be done. A person can just sit back, chill and relax.

Personally, I would choose to watch Netflix or YouTube and go on my phone. This way there are no commercials, and the TV shows will never stop playing. I will go on my phone and watch Netflix for hours on end. This usually does the trick for using my time wisely and procrastinating. This is the main activity that has helped me become such a professional procrastinator.

If there is a pop-up add that asks to shoot, poke, punch, kick, or place some object in something, while on the computer, play it immediately. Not only can cool free junk and spam e-mails be won, but there is a never-ending series of these games. Going on funny websites to waste time will also work. Click on any links that can be found. This will allow access to new and interesting information that the mind will soak up instead of working. Go on favorite social medias at least once every half hour. While looking at posts, make sure to refresh the page every fifteen seconds so any new posts are not missed out on. This should keep a person busy for a while and will hold them back from doing any real work.

All procrastination happens for a reason. Learning to listen to procrastination can help someone listen to their inner feelings. When they would rather put that challenging task on hold, is it possible that procrastination is telling them what they should be doing is boring? It could also be saying that what someone should be doing is pointless, and there are likely much better things that could be done with the time and energy. The right way to explain this to a boss, teacher, or anyone else will need to be found though.

Do not worry about anything. If all time is spent worrying about work that is not done, then procrastination is not enjoyed, and the point of having procrastination in life is missed. Just let the mind rest, clear it of all worries, and focus on enjoying the distractions. Doing work is only as serious as someone makes it. Procrastination lets people enjoy the little things in life, which would otherwise pass by.

Procrastination is actually a simple task to perform. Anything that will prevent someone from doing the task that should be done, do it. Becoming a professional is easily done, and anyone can become one. There are just a few tasks to do to become a professional procrastinator. It might be difficult for some to become one; but with a little bit of practice anyone can become a professional, like myself.

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