Social Media Communication, Professional and Personally

How does social media communication impact you both professional and personally? Social media changed how we send messages. Sending acronyms and Emoticons to each other has changed the way people communicate with each other. It is seen as a quick response to a conversation. It is an evolving language that changes all the time. It affects both professional and personal conversations. In the professional work, work is always moving. So, if you are not up to date with the acronyms you can get left behind and miss out on opportunities. To start with, Social media has positive and negative effects on your professional life. It can help you connect with clients and reach out to the younger generation, if that is your work focus. I am currently and Army recruiter here in Clovis, CA. I interact with high schoolers and graduates, I have learned that Social media, such as Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram are the how they communicate. I have tried phone calls and text messages to try and reach out to get them information and no response. If you send a message through your social media account to there, they are more than likely to respond. Social media is more influential than a phone call or text message.

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“Social Media Communication, Professional and Personally”

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Your audience has pictures and videos of how you promote your business and how you are a person. The positive aspect of Social media helps me see what possible applicant is out there. Most people don’t think that a video or picture can harm their job hunting. A possible employer can google your name and the first thing that normally pops up a social media profile. To easy for them to see who they are hiring. Next, comes the many negative things with social media, it not only affects you on a professional level, but it can also run into your personal life. Professional, if you have a business and you give one person a bad experience it can destroy your creditability. With my personal experience with social media I use it a lot with my job. It is always a struggle with what I post to my social media.

There are so many rules to what is good publicity and what is not. On your professional social media pages, you want to promote your job and the good things that it represents with out it having to run into your personal life. But you also don’t want your viewers thinking you are a robot and not a person. That brings questions, do I really want my business followers to know what my family looks like? You don’t want to put your family in harm’s way, if you had a fall out with one of your business people and they retaliate. Not that all people may do this, but you never know with today’s society. Eventually, with social media, there is no good or bad when comes to what you want to share with the world. You are going to eventually offend someone or get more business. It just comes down to what you are willing to risk. My opinion on social media is it helps me with my current job, once I am done with my job and go back to the regular Army. I will never use it again. It has helped me reach out to the younger generation and I have learned so much from it. I just don’t like how much information people put out there about themselves.

I was taught to keep my personal business my business, with these typed of sites you can learn so much about a person with out meeting them. Middle ground “as with any healthy relationship, use of social media should have boundaries” Dr. David Buch, Chief Medical officer of Carrier Clinic (a Central Jersey behavioral health center) In the end, there are positive and negative things about Social Media that affects communication and what you as a business person is trying to push out. It goes as far as how this next generation communicates, for they are our future and will eventually start a new language. With quick response to text message or social media messages. Eventually people interaction will all together disappear and no will know how to have people skills. So in the end, social media is here to stay.

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