Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Psychologist

I am interested in becoming a psychologist because it is a dream career of mine since my high school days. I developed an interest in psychology because of the area it covers when it comes to human treatment and the miraculous way of how the brain works. Psychologist deals with treating and diagnosing the human mind and treating diseases associated with the brain, emotions and behavior problems. I am fascinated by the human mind and how this affects our feelings and behaviors, and this motivated me making me want to become a psychologist. Psychologists are essential in the medical field because they help treat mental illnesses. This made me more curious in becoming a psychologist because of my interest on how the brain affects everyone differently when it comes to the different emotions and reactions humans have. This can lead to different behavior patterns people have/can get. In the following paper, I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages that come with being a psychologist.

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“Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Psychologist”

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Advantages of Becoming a Psychologist

One advantage of becoming a psychologist that I have noticed is the reward it offers for helping other people. By assisting people to sort their mental issues, I as a psychologist will gain fulfillment and gratification for having helped them sort out their problems. I also enjoy interacting and working with other people, and this makes becoming a psychologist advantageous for me since I will interact with different patients throughout my career (Wahass, 2013).

The second advantage that supports my choice of becoming a psychologist is decent pay. I choose this career path because it will offer me financial security and enable me to help my lifestyle. Psychologists earn good salaries annually, and this is crucial in my choice of becoming a psychologist. Decent pay and benefits are some of the advantages that motivated me to continue studying Psychology as my major. It encouraged me to become a psychologist since I know I will be paid well for the services that I will provide to people.

Disadvantages of Becoming a Psychologist

From my observation I noticed one significant disadvantage of becoming a psychologist is getting a job is quite a challenge. When starting as a psychologist, I noticed that the competition is stiff and making a name for me in this career will take time and effort. For example, to be successful in this field, I will have to dedicate time and resources into my work to become recognize and get a job. From this, competition and the many hours involved will make my quest to become a psychologist harder (Wahass, 2013).

Another disadvantage of becoming a psychologist is the stress that comes with the job. By becoming a psychologist, I will continuously deal with clients and help them solve their mental issues on a daily basis. Deal with other people problems can be very stressful on me as a psychologist and this has the effect of raising my stress level. From this, it is crucial for psychologists to learn how to separate work from their personal life. The stress involved with handling people’s problems will make it hard for me to carry out my duties as a psychologist (Wahass, 2013).


Psychologists are essential in the treatment of mental illnesses. My choice to become one is based on the fact that a career in psychology is lucrative and rewarding. I love helping people solve their emotional and mental problems, and this motivates my decision of becoming a psychologist. The career has advantages and disadvantages like any other career. The benefits motivate me and drive me to become a psychologist. The obstacles despite them being crucial do not deter me from becoming a psychologist because I love helping people cope with their mental problems and this is a driving force my choice of becoming a psychologist.

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