Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication Technologies

In this fast-growing world, there are many emerging technologies. Most people hold a positive attitude towards them and think they are helpful to the development of human society, but there are some technologies such as communication technology that are controversial Some people think that they are convenient for life, but some people think that this is fake software. He will affect people’s lives. For this reason, I wrote this article to analyze his advantages and disadvantages to analyze and understand vividly Finally, a summary is presented to enable people to refer to help people better understand the communication technology.

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“Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication Technologies”

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The first point is that communication technology is a convent. With the help of these communication technologies, distance, spatial geography, and many factors can be ignored. As long as two people have communication technology, you can communicate directly. Like there are many times when people need to communicate in different countries, there will be jet lag. People can’t communicate directly, but as long as you use communication technology, you can leave a message to him so that you can get the message and reply the other way around, and it also avoids the complexity of traditional communication methods. For example, When I participate in a business competition, when people need to communicate with others, with these communication technologies, we can talk anytime, anywhere, but if there is no communication technology, we need to talk face to face, which will cause time to pass and waste

After discussing this advantage, let us talk about his other advantages. His second advantage is that it is convenient to make friends. In today’s society, people are under great pressure to work, which leads people to have no extra time to make new friends or even to negotiate with people. However, research shows that if a person is in this state for a long time, it will have a great mentality However, if you use this software, you can share your life with others. In this way, you can let people who have the same interests as you leave a message so that we can quickly find a friend with the same interest, but in real life, it will not be so convenient. You need to spend a lot of time to find common Only topics can communicate with others, and on the Internet, as I said above, you can easily make a friend with a common topic

Now let’s talk about the third advantage of Communicate Technology. You can use Communicate Technology to help people learn. When we have some problems in life that we can’t understand or can’t understand, we can go to Communicate Technology to discuss and communicate with people. Look for the answers you want to know from the answers of people. When there is no result in the discussion, you can also find your teacher or some experts to ask them to get the answers you want to know. You can also send them to others. To learn something you can’t do from the information to enrich your life is like making various cuisines, learning some foreign languages, looking for various articles, you can find the answer you want on the communication technology, you can also browse some Articles posted by others, gain different knowledge and events happening in various places to enrich your life, enrich your knowledge and find new directions in life

In addition to the above three advantages, Communicate Technology also has the benefit of saving you money. First of all, before there is Communicate Technology, most people need to communicate by phone, but if you call you need to charge huge Phone bills occupy a huge amount of expenses in people’s lives, but you can use communication technology to help you save a lot of phone bills you need to pay but still have good communication or discussion with friends. You can use These savings can be used to do things that you think are more meaningful. You can use him to travel, watch movies, buy books, etc.

But even though communication technology has so many advantages, it has many disadvantages. In the following article, I will list a few examples to tell you the disadvantages of communicate technology. Let us talk about some disadvantages about it.

First disadvantage is that the information on the Internet is mixed, and people often get scattered and unsystematic knowledge on the Internet. The use of online input communication has become one of the fashions in today’s society. Rich festival greetings, amorous love words, happy jokes and communication processes often make people feel happy. However, many problems have arisen around the rise of communication technology. Some network information with vulgar content and new pranks or fraud methods will follow. Due to the invisibility of the network, some criminals will disguise themselves as some organizations to carry out fraud, such as the recently popular money laundering fraud. The criminals will disguise themselves as police to tell you through such technological software that your bank account is involved in money laundering, so as to cheat the victim’s account password for theft. In addition to fraud, there are countless spam messages on the network.

Second disadvantage is the way of using community technology is different from that of the previous Community. It 0has great concealment. The disseminator is in an extremely concealed position. It is impossible to find malicious dissemination in the entire vast network world by personal means alone. This undoubtedly stimulates to a great extent and stimulates people’s desire to maliciously disseminate false information on the Internet. From this point of view, it is not surprising that the entire network is now flooded with false information. This has greatly reduced the effectiveness of Internet communication. What is more serious is that the Internet is now full of pornography and violence. In many places, the Internet is completely open to the late adults without any sense of protection. This has also created a situation in which many parents oppose children’s access to the Internet. This is extremely detrimental to the healthy development of Internet communication and has greatly worsened the image of people in the eyes of Internet communication. Research shows that 47% of community technology contains some obscene or bad information, and 77% of community technology will spread false news or rumors.

When using community technology to show people the colorful world outside, many introverted people have become cheerful, extroverted and good at communicating with people because of the Internet. However, many people are addicted to the illusory world of computers and even have a feeling of disgust towards the real world. This is extremely unfavorable to a person’s development, and to a certain extent, it will cause certain harm to society. The Internet world has always been a perfect world that can be decorated by people at will. Some people will lose themselves when using this kind of technology, believing that the Internet world is real and beautiful, thus boring the real world.

Since community technology has so many shortcomings, should people give up on it? The answer is no, then we need to find a way to solve his shortcomings, for which I also made some investigations.

First of all, addiction and addiction. Most people use community technology to chat with others. This aimless chat is difficult to control in time, especially for teenagers who have poor self-control. Therefore, publishers of this community technology can consider introducing some anti-addiction systems, for example, minors can only use 2 hours a day or automatically remind users of the time after continuous use for several hours. This is a way to solve addiction. Tencent, a giant company of China’s community technology, has adopted such practices to remind users of the time used regularly and restrict minors to prevent addiction.

The second security problem is that community technology is a new way to make friends and an immature system, so there are many security risks. The best way to deal with these risks is to strengthen legislation and law enforcement so that the Internet has laws to follow and is no longer an illegal place. In addition, the real-name system can be improved so that every user can have a trace to follow, which can greatly reduce the willingness of cyber crimes, because most cyber criminals rely on the concealment of the Internet and it is difficult for them to commit such crimes when they are exposed to the public

Finally, there is no doubt that community technology has brought a lot of benefits and convenience to people’s lives, but it has also brought some harm to people’s lives. We cannot ignore any convenience and must take comprehensive consideration.In the face of temptation to resist, in the use of strengths to avoid weaknesses.Only through continuous improvement can community technology better serve human beings 

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