Aboliton Presentation

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Building a bigger jail was not help in correcting the behavior of prisoners who did not even deserve to be in prison. The bigger jail meant that the number of prisoners was to be increased but what was more worrying was the procedure in which they were arrested and charged. The charges were based on reasons that were not justified in law. Instead of the USA government looking at the main causes of big populations in jails they were concerned with building a bigger jail to contain the law breakers, they were busy trying to look for ways of increasing the number of prisoners. Their charges should be based on individuals'misconducts but not political or ideological differences. Prisons should be places to correct those who go wrong or those who go against public policy for their own selfish gains. Race gender and class should not be the determinants of who should be in prison and who should be free but rather individual violation of the law should be the one that should be taken in to account (Dumas, 2016). The prisons in USA were full of people who were criminalized without genuine reasons since in most cases women from minority groups formed the largest populations in those prisons. Discrimination amongst the women saw most of the women of color going to prison. Men were considered as special beings that were easy to reform through religious study and work. Instead of loving the families of the prisoners, they were despised and ignored. Human life is more crucial and should be treated with dignity to enhance quality life. Oppression, discrimination and domination are the major problems that prisoners were facing in jail. The most ironical in this case is that the bigger jail was meant to be built to contain the most vulnerable population such as pregnant women who need care and affection. It is thus important for the government to address the issues resulting to prisoners'increment rather than looking for ways of accommodating in bigger jails.

The bigger jail should be built to ease congestion for the already available prisoners but not for containing more prisoners. People should be imprisoned on genuine cause in order to make sure that the populations of prisoners were checked. The resources that would have been committed in constructing the bigger jail and also maintaining those prisons should have been used in rehabilitating the prisoners in order to correct their behaviors. Several issues have been raised in the paper that shows how prisoners and prisons benefited the government. The criminalized could be used for free and cheap labor for the government and the money that was made pay for the labor was drained into personal pockets. Rights of the prisoners were also destroyed since they could not be able to undertake some important things like education while in prison. Visiting the prisoners in jails was another way of reaping the poor off their resources since they could spend substantial amounts of resources and time to pay visits to their loved ones. The problem of life in prisons was so unbearable to the prisoners and they always struggled to survive. Based on race, gender, class and sexuality women faced fierce circumstances than men since men were always considered to be more superior to women. White women were treated much better than Latino and black women and that is what accounted for bigger numbers of Latino and black women in prisons.

According to Gianesini et al 2015, abolitionists have contributed much in the attaining of equality and order in USA because they have ever been working around the clock to make sure that some of the atrocities that were committed towards minority groups stopped. Discrimination based on race, gender and class has drastically reduced in the USA as a result of the abolitionist. They have tried to make people aware of the possible economic, political and social costs that were likely to be incurred by countries which were dominated by the culture of racism and discrimination. Through their efforts, women in the USA have found and taken their place in the society. The abolitionists thought that constructing of a bigger jail would not mean well for the black Americana, women and the poor since the rich would take advantage and always be reaping from the most disadvantaged in the society. They advocated for the government to seek for ways of addressing the problems that resulted to too many prisoners being in jail. They argued that, once the causes of people going to prisons were addressed, there will be no need for a bigger jail to contain more prisoners but rather it would ease congestion in the already existing prisoners. The limitations to the abolitionists'proposal were the ignorance by the government to listen to their voices due to the benefits that the government intended to get from the whole project. Due to persistence and resilience, the government had no alternative other than starting to practice what was being proposed by the abolitionists.


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