Whether there is a Benefit from Personal Experience in the Presentation in the Workplace

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How effective are presentations? Compare and contrast the quality of the presentations produced by management with those produced by front line workers? What are the reasons for any differences that exist?

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“Whether there is a Benefit from Personal Experience in the Presentation in the Workplace”

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Presentations can be very effective depending on who is presenting, the tone of their voice, and how well they can hold the audience attention. During a presentation, you are building a relationship with your audience. The presenter is developing an understanding from their audience while conducting the presentation. A presentation can be very effective if the presenter is able to inspire and gain their audience undivided attention. Your presentation has to be believable to gain your audience trust for them to either join, buy, or sell whatever you are presenting.

Compare and contrast the quality of the presentations produced by management with those produced by front line workers?Frontline presentations can be more productive than a presentation coming from management. Although a front line employee is not aware, they are displaying a presentation from the moment they greet a customer or client. They are always showing what the company represents rather they are present to a group of people or one on one. A front line employee is the face of the company. How they present themselves is how a person will draw their idea of that company. The quality of a presentation presented by front line workers can be very productive in several ways. Frontline workers can present a problem at a company or a solution with a particular incident by speaking from experience.

They can gain the audience attention and trust by describing a personal involvement they encounter with the company or product. A frontline worker can express and show their emotions rather it is good or bad. They can show their vulnerable side which will gain the audience undivided attention. I believe presentations are less productive when being presented by management. Management is usually presenting a presentation to their audience from data and a strong possibility from research. Most managers will not speak from personal experience, unlike a front line worker. Management will present all the different forms of data showing what should be done. They will explain to the audience which is the best way of completing a job to make it more productive. Front line workers will tell you from experience. Management will stress the different points about the company from results taken from research, but will be unable to tell you from experience. The audience will always hear nothing but good things about the company form management. Bottom line is management will always give a good presentation about the job because their experiences will be different from front line workers.

Managers are more prepared for presentations for several reasons, time, experiences, and they are most likely use to public speaking. Front line employee’s presentations are from the moment you meet them, without realizing they are conducting a presentation. Their actions will describe what type of company or product is being sold. A front line worker positive interaction with the audience can be very productive especially when speaking and presenting from personal experience. But, management can present their presentation from data and research and while presenting they can show emotions and connect with their audience to draw them in as well. According to the American Psychological Association, leaders and managers are more likely than front-line worker to say their organization values employee involvement, work-life balance, and recognition. It also stated that leaders need to consider that their perceptions of the organization and experiences at work may be very different for those of their employees. Again, I would say the difference between front line workers and management presentation is all in the way you present yourself and connect with your audience.

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